So hard do you rate the race/calss combos for Multiplayer?

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3 years ago#1
I've been working on my multiplayer lately and have been having a blast. I seem to be falling behind on most runs though with most everything. The only thing I've had any success with has been my Turian Sentinal using a durability/overload build with an assault rifle. I was just wondering how everyone rated the classes for silver and gold. Also what each class is particularly good at. I mean I've seen some builds online using like a Salarian Infiltrator with both a shotfun build (not a type) or a sniper build.

Human Soldier
Turian Soldier
Krogan Soldier
Batarian Soldier

Human Adept
Drell Adept
Asari Adept

Human Engineer
Salarian Engineer
Quarian Engineer
Geth Engineer

Human Infiltrator
Quarian Infiltrator
Salarian Infiltrator
Geth Infiltrator

Human Sentinel
Turian Sentinel (personal favorite :D)
Krogan Sentinel
Batarian Sentinel

Asari Vanguard
Drell Vanguard (No me gusta)
Urdnot Wrex
Minsc will lead with blade and boot! Boo will take care of the details.
3 years ago#2
Also sorry for typo on title.
Minsc will lead with blade and boot! Boo will take care of the details.
3 years ago#3
So I heard you like Nyarlathotep
3 years ago#4
There was a recent thread about which races are best for each class:

Going into more depth, I'll rate every class:

Human Soldier: 2/5. General use damage boost for weapons. Not really all that useful in any situation, but somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades.
Turian Soldier: 2/5. Generally useless except for the excellent Proximity Mine and Turian weapon passives. Marksman is trash unless you're using a Hurricane at close range.
Krogan Soldier: 3/5: Solid, having 1000/750 shield/HP, plus DR from Fortification. Inferno Grenades are useful, as is Carnage. Weight capacity of 90%.
Batarian Soldier: 3/5. Reasonably durable at 750/750 with Blade Armor, but can't roll at all, like Krogan characters. Ballistic Blades is quite useful in its ability to stagger 100% of the time -- can be used to free people from Banshees with 100% efficacy.

Human Adept: 1/5. Singularity is crap, Shockwave is crap, human 500/500 ain't doing it any favors. There are too many better options.
Drell Adept: 3/5. Reave is good. Low shields is not. Justicar is fully better.
Asari Adept: 5/5. Can detonate own combos on any opponent and can stasis anything that doesn't have armor (note: Phantoms do not have armor!). Beloved class for a good reason.
Justicar: 4/5 in general, 5/5 on a proper team. Take Drell Adept, double his shield, and replace cluster grenade with the superior biotic sphere. Very good class. Hard to self-detonate Reave, though. Less effective against shielded enemies without another adept or sentinel to detonate. Give them that and they're damn awesome.

Human Engineer: 3/5. Can chain-stun like a boss with overload and drone. Drone also draws aggro and can be planted instantly wherever you want it. A bit fragile, though.
Salarian Engineer: 5/5. Decoy makes life easier. Pretty much nothing but rockets will break it, it can damage enemies, and it lets you spend your time shooting enemies instead of hiding. Energy drain is also an excellent skill, especially against Geth, and you also have Incinerate, making it very well-rounded.
Quarian Engineer: 3/5. Can combo cryo and incinerate for good damage, but not great. Turret is useful like all engineer deployables, but it's not spectacular, either.
Geth Engineer: 5/5. Turret restores your shields to full every 3 seconds. You can get passive +50% damage boost. Chain-stun with overload. Overpowered class is overpowered.

Human Infiltrator: 2/5. Cryo isn't bad, but it isn't good, either. Sticky Grenade, however, is bad. Cloak is cloak.
Quarian Infiltrator: 2/5. Sticky Grenade still bad. Sabotage would be primarily useful against Geth, but even then, the Salarian Infiltrator is superior.
Salarian Infiltrator: 5/5. Cloak is Cloak. Energy Drain is awesome, as previously mentioned, especially on an infiltrator as it recovers shields while you're cloaked and, depending on your build, may not even break the cloak. Proxy Mine is an infinite grenade. 600/500 is icing on the cake.
Geth Infiltrator 5/5: Played properly, the damage output from a Gethfiltrator will outpace anything else in the game. Proxy Mine is huge, Cloak is a 90% damage boost, and Hunter Mode also piles on damage. Pure murder. Hard to use properly, though. Not the slightest bit forgiving.
One can only wonder at how such idiocy invariably comes to power.
3 years ago#5
Human Sentinel: 3/5. Can set up own detonations against any opponent and gets power damage bonuses via armor. Can be quite sturdy. A lot to like. Ends up playing second fiddle to the Asari Adept as pretty much everyone would take Stasis over Tech Armor.
Turian Sentinel: 4/5. Can technically set up own tech bursts, but it never happens. 750/500, can spam overload for disabling, and has nice Turian weapon bonuses.
Krogan Sentinel: 3/5. 1000/750 with 40% damage reduction makes this class hard to kill. Unfortunately, incinerate is meh and lift grenade is unimpressive if it can't be used to detonate powers.
Batarian Sentinel: 1/5. Submission Net sucks. Shockwave sucks. Blade Armor does not particularly impress. Give this one a wide berth.

Manguard: 5/5 as host. I've solo'd gold as a Manguard. It's not easy, but certainly feasible. Have to know what to charge, when, and how, and screwing up ever-so-slightly means death, but you are otherwise fully invincible. 2/5 when not hosting. Lag will murder you on Gold when you're not hosting. Can usually survive on Silver, but not as effective.
Asari Vanguard: 2/5. Yay, stasis! Yay, full barrier! Not yay, can't affect enemies with armor. Not yay, can't prevent damage after charging. I mean, Asari Vanguard isn't spectacularly bad, but they just don't have a role and aren't good at anything. They have a rather odd skillset that doesn't work as well as it could.
Drell Vanguard: 1/5. 250 barrier, no additional reduction, no way to prevent damage, no special bonuses.
Shepard is my battlemaster: 4/5. Can truck things even on Gold. Carnage is good even if you have to sit around. 1000/1000 plus Barrier makes them incredibly durable. Damage output is quite meager, however, and the longer Charge cooldown is frustrating.
One can only wonder at how such idiocy invariably comes to power.
3 years ago#6
^Have to disagree with a few points there.

1. Turian Soldier. Marksman is not trash. It's only trash if you're using it wrong (semi-autos or weapons with good accuracy). Spec for weapon stability > accuracy (don't use RoF upgrades) and drop a Revenant on a Turian Soldier, then see how good Marksman really is. Certainly viable on Gold.

2. Human Sentinel. I don't really see why Stasis Bubble earns a full two points over Tech Armour. Drop a Sentinel with Tech Armour with another biotic and you have a far more durable detonator. Situationally better than Asari Adept given the extra survivability, and Stasis only really shines against Cerberus (and Reapers, to an extent). Extra survivability is all round a plus.

3. Batarian Soldier can be amazing in the right hands. Just watch any of Zenning's videos. Biotic Sphere + Heavy Melee = invincible during animation, so you can literally stand out in the open for as long as Biotic Sphere is up and just draw fire while your team kills everything.

4. Battlemaster. Damage is only meager if you stick them in a room with a gun and tell them to do damage. Drop a cyclonic modulator III and a strength enhancer III on them and watch them tank their way to the top score on Gold while effectively being invincible. Unfortunately Rage Mode is glitched for them atm, but when that's fixed BMs will be virtually unstoppable (unless you're doing GWG or bunkering down somewhere).

5. Manguard. I'm curious to see how you soloed Gold as a Manguard, considering I 2-manned Gold with another Manguard and an invincibility mod and it took about an hour and a half even with two of us spamming charge -> nova. Halving the damage output would mean that Gold solo of yours would have taken three hours with less than 5 fatal mistakes (max Medigel capacity) and no instagibs whatsoever. I also don't see how you could have done any enable/disable objectives without a second person to draw fire, or how you could have downed the later assassination objectives as a Manguard, since armoured opponents take forever to kill with Charge > Nova spam. I'm not calling you a liar, as I do believe it's possible, but very improbable.

6. Turian Sentinel. You forgot to mention that TS can prime and detonate both Tech Bursts and Biotic Explosions. Handy in any match.

7. Quarian Infiltrator. Sabotage is awesome against Cerberus Turrets, buys breathing time against Atlases and Primes, wrecks Geth and overheats enemy weapons. Not even close to Human Soldier bad.

Other than that, I pretty much agree with everything you said.
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3 years ago#7
problem is that using warp to set up biotic explosion on gold is a lot of wasted time and effort. warp will be dodged more times than not against the enemies that CAN dodge, and against some of the most dodge prone enemies it will almost never land (and against phantoms, never land) as a primer.

human sentinel is really only decent on GWG where most enemies will be too busy with the shiny decoy to dodge.

also, point of the turian sentinel is not self comboing, but being able to combo with others. while also being tough as nails and being able to kill things with weapons.
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3 years ago#8
I personally feel that some of the "bad" class require a certain bent to play them well.

I was slow to unlock the Asari Adept (2nd last rare class to unlock for, before Salarian Infiltrator), so I played the human adept regularly for over 2 months (if you count the demo period as well). I would rate it 3/5, definitely not a Gold class, but doable if played right. The issue is, most players new to ME do not know how to play it right.

IMAO, having a Mass Effect 2 Biotic Explosion Adept Insanity playthrough helps me to appreciate the human adept in ME3 MP. After fighting protected enemies all over ME2 Insanity, ME3 MP feel like ME2 veteran difficulty for a human adept.
3 years ago#9
Jumalacca posted...
Turian Soldier. Marksman is not trash.

Max DPS bonus is lower than spamming Proxy Mine. I went ahead and created the detailed explanation promised before in the other thread.

Since Proximity Mine is superior to Marksman, could you argue that proxy mine makes the Turian worth using? Well, if you put on blinders and forgot that the Salarian and Geth Infiltrators existed, maybe. But unfortunately, they do exist, and there's just no good reason to use the Turian Soldier because of it.

Jumalacca posted...
2. Human Sentinel.

Thing is, you take 30% damage resistance for a 30% cooldown penalty. That in itself lowers your damage potential. Ultimately, Tech Armor trades damage output for durability, making it a bit of a question in the first place. Some people have respecced their humies to have no Tech Armor at all. You then have no instant skill for enemies who dodge projectile powers (and Guardians who are immune to Warp and Stasis with that shield out), not to mention the many uses of Stasis Bubble. I clearly never said the human Sentinel was bad. Quite simply, they're not. Unfortunately, they're just handily overshadowed by the Asari Adept.

Jumalacca posted...
3. Batarian Soldier can be amazing in the right hands.

Until you get punched or hit with a shotgun or rocket or get Phantom'd. Lots of ways that can (and does) go wrong. But again, I never said the Batarian Soldier was bad, only that there are better options. Hell, if you're just using him for punching, the Sentinel would do just as well. That doesn't mean the Batarian Sentinel doesn't suck balls.

Jumalacca posted...

Charge is slow (40% longer cooldown than normal Charge and slow movement speed in the air) and relatively low-damage. Damage output is shotgun + melee + slowpoke-charge, which isn't terribly impressive in general due to the lack of damage boosts. It's not a matter of playing him properly, he just isn't made to kill quickly. A Salarian Infiltrator will put out +90% damage to 1040-damage proxy mines and high-damage weapon shots, which he delivers en masse. The player isn't really at fault for putting out meager damage, the Battlemaster is just big, slow, and hits only one target at a time.

Jumalacca posted...
Manguard. I'm curious to see how you soloed Gold as a Manguard...

Takes around 40 minutes for Geth. Not sure why it took you so long. I recommend Eviscerator X + Phalanx X + Disruptor Rounds + Shotgun Rail + Cooldown Module. Remember that you can detonate those disruptor rounds with Nova. Medigel is an issue if you aren't cognizant of your opponents: Geth Hunters will kill you if you don't focus on them first (hint: that's what the shotgun is for), and there's rarely good reason to keep fighting a Prime if there's something else you can kill (the Primes won't keep spawning unless you kill them). Cerberus is hit-and-miss: the enemies are weak, but groups of Phantoms occasionally result in inexplicable sync kills, and Atlas Mechs are a pain due to the high HP. Reapers is a disaster waiting to happen, so don't try.

Jumalacca posted...
Turian Sentinel.

They can set up both as well, which is a good part of why I say they're the best sentinel class. They just can't do everything themselves like the other really great classes can, and they're the weakest non-rolling race.

Jumalacca posted...
Quarian Infiltrator.

Sabotage is buggy as hell, though, and incompatible with some skills like Decoy. Lots of drawbacks. Still, I guess you could make good argument that she's at least decent (i.e. 3/5).
One can only wonder at how such idiocy invariably comes to power.
3 years ago#10
What people fail to understand is that without entire breakdowns on builds and characters and how they interact with the game then comments ike only if you use it incorrectly ARE DUMB.

If you do not have any information about it (Which this game doesn't go over), then you cannot make any form of sound decision about what's good or not or how to use something.

I started this game a while ago and because the Customization screen had nothing explained, trying to use a customized character is 100% useless because I have no idea what's what or what's good or how things work with each other..and I'm not going to play through the game FIRST then find out about it...You are supposed to be told what's what FIRST, then play the game.

I wil not use a custom class at all because if I cannot even be explained anything about it, then it's obviously not worth using.
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