best zone for iron ore?

#1IqarP15Posted 3/5/2011 5:40:00 PM
in gloamwood and only found like 2 spots over by the dungeon instance...
#2IR0NMaN_DaNPosted 3/5/2011 5:45:04 PM
Searing Gorge.
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#3IqarP15(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2011 5:45:56 PM
this isnt WoW...
#4auronp264Posted 3/5/2011 5:54:43 PM
I think they wanted to give us a rare ore, so that it wasn't the same ol' thing. Iron is hard in general to get and even the AH will be dry, so buckle up and get ready for the long slow grind to the next level. I did however notice that I started getting more Iron ore in Scarlet Gorge where I could also get whatever the next level of ore was so it helped me to prep for the next level while grinding through Iron
#5ZanesPosted 3/5/2011 6:00:14 PM
Searing Gorge... Scarlet Gorge?

( >_< ) GORGE!

That's another thing WoW Related.
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#6TheNeoianOnePosted 3/5/2011 6:58:09 PM
I found plenty of Iron in Gloamwood when I was a guardian during Open Beta. NW gloam should have plenty, you can also go through Scarlet Gorge for it.
#7IqarP15(Topic Creator)Posted 3/6/2011 7:20:59 AM
went back and found 3-5 spots up near the lift that leads up to the 40+ zone, would of checked the place out yet there was a tiny incursion up top so I went back down heh