What soul combination is best to solo a Rogue ?

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I don't have the game yet but am probably picking it up today. I like to plan stuff out ahead of time. From what I can tell, I'd think Assassin, Bladedancer and Nightblade might be a potent combination. But since I'll be soloing mostly for an hour or two per night, would Ranger, Marksman, Saboteur be the way to go? Any input would be appreciated. I used to be a min/max gamer but now I just want to play what's fun. Maybe I'm speculating too much for not even have played the game yet. Is it a certain type of Rogue preferred for groups?

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Oops I should have wrote "to solo AS a Rogue." I apologize for the misleading subject heading. I didn't mean for it to be a pvp question.
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I am a Ranger/Marksman/riftstalker which is very good for solo lvling aswell as pvp. Ranger quilboar pet tanks very well, and with the marksman and riftstalker combinations you get a lot of escape options.
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My primary build is assassin/riftstalker/saboteur. 42 points in assassin, 14 into riftstalker and sab for the zero point aoe slow bomb. Riftstalker makes the build very solo friendly since all unused combo points grant me a self heal when the mob dies and I get an endurance buff so I am not so squshy... plus all the mobility that you can get from riftstalkers teleports.

Assassin has enough dps for most fights to only last 4-8 seconds and then I can re-stealth and move to the next target. I also like the elusiveness ability that makes my stealth better for 5 seconds and then you get incapacitate so you can sap mobs you need for single pulls.

I have tried varying combinations of marksman/ranger and the pet works pretty well. I just like the mobility of the melee spec better for my playstyle.
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Early on Ranger/marksmen/bard or riftstalker.
Pet means you never take damage, you can just sit back and spam shots from a distance.

Later on you may want something like an assassin/riftstalker who has crazy burst damage and kill single targets fast enough to not take damage.
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Saboteur/Bard/Ranger is the ultimate solo build. You get ridiculous damage, self healing and a pet.
#7Lucavi000Posted 3/7/2011 10:32:32 AM
I like Assasin/Ranger/Marksman myself

8 in assassin for 2 poisons. 38 in ranger for blood raptor and some more essentials and 20 into MM for armor penetration and passive damage procs.
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"8 in assassin for 2 poisons. 38 in ranger for blood raptor and some more essentials and 20 into MM for armor penetration and passive damage procs"

The problem with this is that they patched the game in Beta so that poisons no longer proc on ranged weapons. So really you are wasting a soul slot.
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#9DurvanPosted 3/7/2011 11:37:29 AM

I personally like Assassin/Riftstalker/Bladedancer for starter build

Purpose of this build is to get healed whenever you kill a mob (Rift Scavenger)

Start with the ASSASSIN tree:

2/2 Imp Savage Strike (+10% crit, will be you main spam ability)

5/5 Ruthlessness (+5% crit)

3/3 Serrated Blades (crits cause bleeding)

1/1 Puncture (ignores armor and causes bleeding)

2/2 Murderous Intent (+4% Physical dmg done)

Then start putting points in RIFTSTALKER tree:

5/5 Unseen Fury (+15% attack power)

3/3 Boosted Recovery (+30% healing taken)

2/5 Great Fortitude (+6% endurance) OR 2/3 Exceptional Resilience (-4% damage taken)

3/3 Rift Scavenger (When combo pts target dies, from any source, you get healed for 6% of you total healt PER combo pts)

Once you have Rift Scavenger maxed, you can go back in Assassin tree to get whatever you prefer. (i recommend 2/5 Cruel Vengeance and 2/2 Magnify Pain)

Blinding Powder is not bad for 1 pts also and can help you survive if you pull too many mobs.

At that point you should be level 23, and should max out Cruel Vengeance to have 20 pts in assassin and unlock Poison Malice wich can be usefull and Leeching Poison wich his pretty neat for healing

At level 25 change BLADEDANCER for NIGHTBLADE and start putting points in Blazing Fury

I initially choose BLADEDANCER just for Side Steps (50% dodge chance for 15sec) but can be replaced by whatever you prefer, I think its the only soul that gives you a usefull ability without spending any pts in the tree though.


- Pull with Expose Weakness (target takes more damage from physical and bleed attacks, 20 meters)

- Puncture

- Get 3-4 combo pts with Savage Strike(s) and Puncture

- If target is almost dead and you lost some hp and need to get healed then finish it with more Savage Strikes to get healed for the 5 combo pts.

- If you have 4-5 combo pts and target is not almost dead or if you don't need the heal, then use a finisher of your choice:

Final Blow (basic finisher)

Baneful Touch instead of final blow if you have it (cause some damage and +50% poison damage for up to 1min)

Annihilate (cause some damage and +attack power bonus for up to 1min)

Basically no down time,

Great damage

Good survival

Fun and simple build

Don't forget to coat your weapons with poisons

Im only level 21 atm so I haven't tried out other higher talents but im probably going to continue in Assassin when I finish maxing Blazing Fury so I can get Jagged Strike and Impale

Having pretty good success and fun with this build so far.

Hope that helps

Feel free to critic or comment my build, thanks

#10DurvanPosted 3/7/2011 11:49:23 AM

Forgot to add, Rift Disturbance is pretty good too, even with only 1 or 2 targets :)

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