Sorta new to the game, when can you custimize your soul tree?

#1roleplayergamerPosted 11/26/2013 9:17:49 PM
Title pretty much says it all. I still sorta new to the game, highest level character is just 11. Liking the Hoplite, but I was wondering when you can change the type.

Also was wondering whats a good mix for a Justicar Cleric, and a Warrior soul. For Warrior Soul I was thinking about making a Paladin/Riftblade, but I am unsure of it.
#2BIadeBIadePosted 11/27/2013 1:36:47 PM
any time once you deselect the Hoplite preset
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#3tryforcePosted 11/29/2013 1:53:06 AM
Anytime you talk to class trainer but you need to buy the additional roles. If you talk to class trainer in main town for faction they show you a tutorial about it.
#4roleplayergamer(Topic Creator)Posted 11/29/2013 1:27:13 PM
@ tryforce, thanks I found it out on my own when I got further in on Silverwood.

Though I am still wondering on whats a good mix with Justicar on my cleric and if Paladin/Riftblade is good mix
#5MarikhenPosted 11/30/2013 7:28:23 PM
A year ago I would have said that Paladin/Reaver, heavy on the Paladin, was loads of fun. Dunno about now though.

As for Justicar it depends on how you want to do it. If you want to do a "sword'n'board" type arrangement that you can also tank 5-mans with you'll probably want to stick with the standbys of Shaman and Druid. If you're interested in just solo work then those same souls can work, but with a heavier focus on Shaman and/or Druid. Likewise some of the more popular builds have involved Justicar/Inquisitor/Shaman or Druid.

Really once you get you can probably mix and match just about anything (except maybe pure healers, and even there it's not necessarily bad, just sub-optimal) into your build and have it work. You're more or less guaranteed infinite mana leaving the only questions of how you'll keep yourself alive and how quickly you want to kill things.
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