So they said its F2P, what sort of things do you have to pay for?

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2 years ago#1
There's always a catch. Marvel Avengers Alliance got me with the same hook.
2 years ago#2
Nothing. You get two character slots per server (per server, not in total, so if there are 10 servers that's 20 characters, and if servers merge you can bend the limit), an initial bag slot with bag in it, two more bag slots, 8 souls per class, and all the game content per free.

Completely optional things that you can pay for that can only be acquired by spending credits:
Up to 12 character slots per server.
Up to 7 bag slots.
Expansion souls, one per class.
Bags, mounts, vanity gear, real gear (not best, but second or third best, and the "best" of that stuff is insanely expensive IMLTHO), and so on are also included in the shop.
Patron passes so you can get patron status benefits without the monthly subscription fee.
Other stuff.

The expansion souls, extra bag slots, and character slots are all very, very nice to have, but they are not absolutely critical to your gameplay experience. With quest items having their own "bag" in the quest window (though sometimes you have to manually transfer quest items over to it >_> ) your remaining bag slots are free for pretty much everything else. Unfortunately early on your bag sizes will be pretty limited and you'll feel quite cramped. Likewise you really need something like 3 characters on a server to cover all your crafting bases, but that's not absolutely necessary. The expansion souls are a mixed bag as well, in my opinion, as the souls for cleric and warrior are kinda meh while the souls for mage and rogue are pretty damn awesome.

Now there is just one small catch. You can buy REX in-game for, at least on the server I check on, around 900-1,200 platinum, and each REX can be redeemed for something like 1250 credits. So yeah, if you're patient, play the market, grind/farm a lot, and/or are good with your money you might pay for things, but not with cash.

All things considered as far as catches go I think being able to buy what you want out of the shop using in-game currency isn't that bad of one.
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2 years ago#3
Thanks, I've been a giant sucker for steam sales, Facebook game sales...and of course WoW which is slowly changing into a buy-to-win (or just look cool).

I was impressed with the feel of the game, reminded me of the fantasy novels I read.
2 years ago#4
Just bear in mind that while the game does have a story it's not high fantasy, and the voice acting in it, to me at least, clearly suggests that nobody on the development side is really taking it seriously. I don't mean that in a "they're slacking off" fashion so much as a "they're willing to laugh at themselves" fashion with some of the VA getting pretty over-the-top. Case in point:

Frankly, the whole REX thing is one of the game's major saving graces when it comes to the cash shop. Some games let you trade/sell cash shop items with other players, but very few open up the entire shop like this. Even better is that using REX earns you "loyalty" which gets you free gifts (for all your characters) at various tiers/values which is something I've seen only out of Rift and Trion.

Of course there is that pesky issue where, for all intents and purposes, you have to either spend hours upon hours farming crafting materials or first struggle through to 50+ with a character (and then spend time farming other stuff) to afford them. :-/
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2 years ago#5
Yeah the game is not for the lore fanatics. Sure there's a back-story, and it's reasonably interesting if you get into it, but end game it doesn't have much effect.

As for what you have to pay for - I can't think of anything that's absolutely essential to get the full experience. Sure, you can get boosts for one thing or another to speed things up, but unlike SWToR's crippled f2p, I can't think of anything you're completely unable to do if you don't want to spend a cent. I guess the character slots per server could get annoying if you're an altoholic, but if you are, you could always buy rex for more.
2 years ago#6
Bag slot limits would probably bug people long before the 2 characters/server issue does.
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2 years ago#7
I haven't upgraded my bag slots at all and still have plenty of room for all the crafting stuffs and what not. Like the previous posters have said is there is a way to obtain most of the real money items without spending real money, it just depends on how patient you are.
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2 years ago#8
It's all just added benefits like Character Services (Transfers/Renames/Slots), More Bag Slots, Consumable XP Boosts and the like with some cosmetic gear and mounts thrown in.

Gameplay wise, nothing is held back. You can access all content and all gear by playing the game as is without spending a penny.
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2 years ago#9
Depending on what the player considers to be "content" the expansion souls, which must be purchased through the cash shop (or via boxed copy of the expansion if you can still find one) might be just that for some people. Also, I believe you get one free transfer per character per month, and the cash shop sells entry level raiding gear in addition to that cosmetic gear.

It's a little more than "character services," but little of it is truly needed much less absolutely necessary. Also, you can use credits to buy things like extra roles in lieu of using platinum; these things aren't intrinsically part of the cash shop but are things you can spend credits on. Depending on the exchange rate of platinum:REX/credits on your server it can actually be cheaper to unlock things like roles or pay for mounts with credits than platinum.
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