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3 years ago#1
I was just wondering If my laptop is good enough to run the game.

im running a GeForce gt 420m card, intel core i5 cpu m460 2.53ghz processor and 4gb ram.

I tried to start the game and I guess theres a video at the beginning but all I saw was a flashing screen of different colors and when it got to what looks like the main menu, there was only a background and no options or anything.
3 years ago#2
Your specs seem good. I have run this on far less.

I just put together a new PC that far exceeds the minimum and I have the same problem. I have a ticket into Trion about it, but I have not heard back. If you figure out how to get around this can you repost here?
3 years ago#3
im probably not going to be able to get it to work. according to NVidia experience, my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements to allow it to even be playable and everything is on the lowest settings allowed.
3 years ago#4
Rift has a very screwed up game engine. It is a "heavily modified Gamebryo" engine, and it's funky as all hell. People with low-end PCs using either minimum settings on the normal renderer or when using the low-quality renderer report having frame rates that are just fine, especially in light of how weak their systems are in gaming terms, while people with mid-range systems report absolutely horrible performance in many situations. There are people who have complained on the forums about using more powerful PCs and achieving lower frame rates than people using weaker PCs despite having the exact same graphics settings. Even people using the newest generation of Intel CPUs can have severe frame rate issues with this game's engine, but their issues pale in comparison to the issues faced by mid-range users and, more especially in my experience, mid-range PC owners with AMD CPUs.

Frankly I expect that if you can play the game on minimum settings or the LQ renderer and achieve any sort of reasonable frame rate while engaging in high-body count activities like zone events or shopping in the hub cities it would be a minor miracle, but given that the engine seems to have a soft spot for weaker machines it's within the realm of plausibility that you could do just that.

Unless you're on a very low bandwidth budget with your ISP you might as well download it and give it a shot so you can see for your own self how it runs.
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