Anyone looking forward to the new souls?

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2 years ago#1
With 2.7 likely coming around May 7th or 14th and with the new souls being shipped out with 2.7 they're apparently right around the corner.

Some teaser information has been released about them, but all I'm currently aware of is that the Warrior healing soul will be a "Hulk smash! And heal with magnets" type while the Rogue healing soul will be an alchemical archer of sorts.
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2 years ago#2
Nice to see some activity on this board. I guesssss I'd be excited about some new Souls. I started Rift from Beta but lost interest before Ember Isle. I've tried to get back into several times but it just won't stick. Sorry I know this isn't answering your question explicitly, just getting my two cents out.
2 years ago#3
No worries. It was as much of an activity check as anything else, but discussing the a game's community is off-topic. ;-)

I'm in something of the same boat myself. I played heavily for 9 or 10 months before dropping the game and being more or less unable to really get into it ever since. Trion's done some of the same "dumbing down" that Blizzard has done with World of Warcraft such as that death pull of sorts right before the final boss in Runic Descent (whatever that dwarven 5-man in Moonshade is) which got nerfed to one easy patrol. Granted it was a serious brain or gear check that all too many players failed, but it really didn't need to be gutted either, and I don't appreciate that it was.

Likewise someone posted on the forums that someone's been working on the core code trying to improve client performance and that there's been some progress there, but based on my experiences client performance is actually worse now than it was at launch. Over the first six or seven months of the game I could crank things to max and still pull 30 FPS in Meridian, but now I'm lucky to get 20 and can drop as low as 15. That's without turning up/on some of the new options like Cloaks as well meaning that client settings are approximately identical to what they were back then.

I'm looking forward to the new souls at the very least because it'll give me more to theorycraft with when I get all wistful and want to think about playing again, but I'm not entirely sure that they'll be enough to compensate for client performance degrading so badly over the last year or two that I've had to disable ground clutter and shadows and still seem to have a generally lower frame rate than I did before. :-/
Logic is the antithesis of faith, else why is it that faith defies logic while logic denies faith?
2 years ago#4
Yeah great point on the performance, that has definitely been one reason I can't quite get into the game like I had before. To speak on the community that was a strong point in favor of Rift but of course that was even better before f2p. I might not be any kind of Rift junkie again but I'm optimistic I'll keep my toons active enough.
2 years ago#5
I'm looking forward to buying Ice Armor on my Kelari Mage and using Harbiter on my fifth role to confuse the crap out of people.

'hey, what, that Kelari was in face my 40k hp earlier, she must be an Arbiter and OHMYGOD WHY AM I A SQUIRREL'
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2 years ago#6
The second they changed everything to flat numbers instead of percents (veils, reparation, etc) was the moment this game stopped being interesting. |
2 years ago#7
Well, 2.7's launch date is official and in 3 days on the 7th. Daglar's commented that they haven't nailed down how they're going to offer the souls, but the way he said what he said it sounds like they might be selling souls individually. Given how little I've been impressed by the Tempest and Defiler souls from Storm Legion this would make sense on the one hand, but on the other unlike the Defiler and Tempest (and Tactician to a lesser degree if you want to be honest) these don't strike me as superfluous or quite as not class-changing as the Harbinger was.
Logic is the antithesis of faith, else why is it that faith defies logic while logic denies faith?
2 years ago#8
I would expect all three would be bundled for about 20$, I think that's what the storm legion souls are going for. But I hope they sell them separately, I ended up not liking the previous 3 souls that were new.

Ranged warrior its almost necessary in dungeons as dps as a bunch of fights arent melee friendly. Its pretty boring though. Defiler I admit I havnt messed around with a lot. It's too much set up for pvp, and apparently it cant tank heal and its more of a support soul that's exclusively paired up with cabalist; an aoe soul. Harbinger feels like a standard melee spec, hit a few melee attacks and wait for a proc to use lightning bolt.

Tactition WAS fun, but they nerfed its damage way too much. (QQ that torrents were too easy at aoe/single target damage) Now it literally has no spot in any spec, premades or not. If you want aoe, just go sab. It has no necessary buffs that give Bard a spot. You can pair it with Marksman, but you're better off just going full MM for better damage.

As you can tell, I mainly played rogue. Physician looks, based on some videos, like a clunky Marksman spec, with bad aoe healing, and OOM issues abound with being constantly energy starved. Even if they fixed that issue, it still looks boring; the last half of the tree are just +healing to previous healing spells.

I dont like mages, neither do I like tanking. Its new tanking spec looks flashy and probably fun. But, I still dont like tanking in Rift.

I like clerics but I dont care for its new support soul. Apparntly it's like bard, equal healing/damage/buffs. Id rather stick with bard though.

The warrior's liberator honestly looks fun. Reminds me of wow's holy pally. It looks smooth and easy to heal with, so if they end up selling souls seperate, Id get warrior heals if only to get faster queues in LFD.
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2 years ago#9
5000 credits for the 2.7 souls.
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2 years ago#10
The price on the new souls is rather annoying. It's doubly annoying given the suggestions that they were thinking of trying something different with distributing the new souls as compared to the Storm Legion set but gave no indication that that something different would be charging 50% more.

On the other hand the cash cost comes out to about $27 which is cheaper than the Storm Legion expansion pack, and the new souls add new roles to the Warrior, Mage, and Rogue classes while giving Clerics a "real" Support option comparable to the Archon, Bard, and Beastmaster. Contrast that with another (Riftblade was at least semi-ranged) ranged DPS for Warriors, another something/healing hybrid soul for Rogues, another healing soul that functions more like DPS and plays more like support for Clerics, and another, though this time (mostly) melee, DPS soul for Mages.

I haven't experimented enough with the new souls to have a firm opinion of them based on their actual performance, but in terms of new options and past pricing the current cost for the new souls isn't too bad.
Logic is the antithesis of faith, else why is it that faith defies logic while logic denies faith?
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