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6 years ago#1
how do u use it
6 years ago#2
I want to know this too. I bought it and placed it on my lot and when I click on it to put in in the sims inventory, it won't do anything. It won't do anything if it's on the lot either by just clicking it. How do you use it?
6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
This item, stored in personal inventory, can be tuned in to various settings: Seeds, Rocks, Insects, and Fish. When turned on, these items sparkle brilliantly on a lot, and are also given icons in the map view.

Taken from here (PC related):
6 years ago#5
How do ou actually get in IN your inventory though? Once it's on the lot it's not selectable so you can't pick it up. It just sits there... mocking you for the 8000 simoleans you just spent on it -_-
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6 years ago#6
Depends. You can't pick up seeds till you reach level 1 in gardening....
6 years ago#7
You can pick up seeds with absolutely no gardening skill.

The collection helper seems to be bugged.
6 years ago#8
*bump* im lookin into that, ima invoke a cuople cheats (since im not that far with a family since i had to restart my last one as it fell into unavoidable turmoil) but ill let oyu know as soon as i find a thesible answer
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6 years ago#9
OKAY I FIGURED IT OUT. when you buy it, place it on your lot. then go to live mode and select the sim you want to have it THEN go in to build buy and dont enter any menus. switch the move cursor to the "storage" cursor and click on the helper. NOW go to the family inventory menu (below buy and build options) go to household put selection on the helper and hit MOVE (square) this will put it in that sims imventory, where you can then acess it in live mode by simply hitting your sim/inventory/helper. this is the only way to do this. im guessing it was supposed to work normally, and will probably fixed in a patch if thy release any
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6 years ago#10
last mssg in a nutshell (this is assuming you have it placed on your lot as this is only way itll work)
1. select sim you want to hold it
2enter build buy mode and switch to the "storage" cursor
3. open the family inventory section
4. under household, hit square over the helper, thus placing it into your sims inventory
5. it is now useable through live mode inventory acess by that sim only. to switch sims do the following
5a.enter family inventory
5b. under sim hit square over helper
5c. go to live, switch to the sim you want to have it
5d. reenter family inv and repeat step 4
Pokemon and Megaman, The two best RPG's created
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