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Baby glitch solvedFreespirit1518/27 1:19AM
Final Sims 3 inspirations! (I will go for and work with one of these two!) (Archived)Jake Johnson17/11 6:35AM
How do you get money? (Archived)tgrz201136/7 8:33AM
Do you wish you could make your own burglar alarm? (in-game, of course!) (Archived)Jake Johnson16/5 4:23AM
Could opposites work out in the same household in The Sims 3? (Archived)Jake Johnson35/31 6:17PM
Sims 3 household idea: Hitchhiker's Guide Heart of Gold (seeking opinions) (Archived)Jake Johnson25/27 5:34PM
I want to go for a Joker and Harley Quinn household. Seeking suggestions. (Archived)Jake Johnson15/13 7:52AM
I Gotta Replay This Sometime (Archived)Joseph09147214/30 5:21AM
Question (Archived)ChixxxReefer32/3 3:16AM
Is it possible to write an in-game book on fishing? (Archived)Jake Johnson512/26 9:25AM
How may characters can I make? (Archived)scatzophrenic19/15 2:09PM
enablelin cheats (Archived)hatsune12317/27/2014
Sims 3 relationship problems (Archived)Nicole000001416/16/2014
plutonium? (Archived)katieyhip62315/15/2014
Is it better to base Lifetime Goals around Traits or the other way around? (Archived)Jake Johnson13/27/2014
The Sims 3 or The Sims 3 Pets? (Archived)Brendyn0612/25/2014
Glitched events? (Archived)BAEx1012/8/2014
Multiple Files - share Challenge Data (Archived)katieyhip62311/23/2014
EA could have made a Doctor Who expansion... (Archived)Jake Johnson111/20/2013
Is it possible to build a basement? (Archived)Jake Johnson211/19/2013
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