Who should my SIM marry?

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6 years ago#1
Who's the richest SIM with nice traits too that I should try marrying and have move in with me? To increase my money of course!!
6 years ago#2
I can't really answer that since the sim's that live in town at the start can vary from game to game. I know that Morgan Flynn is a bad choice since he is flirty can will most likely flirt with other female sims even if you marry him. Willow Lynd has the 'inappropriate" trait so it may be hard to socialize with her in a long term relationship
the both live in "the Clique household" if that household is in your game
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6 years ago#3
Haha I married a "rich" sim and all she had was 1200 Simoleans LOL.
Of course she was the daughter of a rich sim so her mom probably had the money and her dad didn't live in the house with them.
6 years ago#4
just gossip with other sims to find out who is rich in your game.. and then "get to know" the rich sim.. that's how i found out their traits.
6 years ago#5
thanks yeah I'm thinking i might marry Cevin forgot his last name since my husband died from swimming!!! After i got his lifetime wish almost finish :*(
6 years ago#6
you should have just brought him back.. that's what i did with my sim when I was getting the Child Prodigy.. he got electrocuted and died right before he finished his lifetime wish (the tinkerer)..

and how do they manage to die swimming??.. i haven't seen that yet..
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