Do you need internet to play this game ?

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6 years ago#1

my friend told me u GOT to have xbox live to play this game,i dont think thats ture,but its buging the hell outta me cuz i dont have xbox live. :( can someone make me feel better ? lol

6 years ago#2

I highly doubt it, the internet connection required thing pertains to getting online and downloading other peoples creations and the facebook thing.

6 years ago#3

okthanks,i thought it would be like selling buildings or stuff liek not sure,but as long as i can play it i dont care.

6 years ago#4

only if you want to create content.

6 years ago#5

so i cant make my own patternfor my couch's or walls or floors with out xbox live ?

6 years ago#6

I think just if you want to upload it so other people can download it, we dont know too much about that now though.

6 years ago#7

ok,thanks ppl.that made me feel better,now i CANT FREACKIN WAIT ! lol

6 years ago#8
Get xbox live anyway (if) your not 14 or under. If you are 14 or under then stay the way you are. :D
If I would get a nickle every time I broke my psp i would have ..15 cents
6 years ago#9
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6 years ago#10
I think you play a few too many video games, try picking up a dictionary, and an english grammar textbook. Try laying off and studying for a change.
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