How do I make another family?

#41Wed_NiatnuomPosted 10/27/2010 7:30:32 PM
Yeah, I was afraid of that. To me, the essence of The Sims is creating sims and watching them interact. This seems very limited in that regard. To be honest, one of the first things I do when playing a new sims game is delete all the premade townsfolk and repopulate with my own.
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me 2! man...well i still have the game here but its also still wrapped up in the shrink wrap. I may take it back tomorrow and put it towards my black ops preorder. theres no point in my playing sims3 if i cant play the game in my style
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I believe challenge points are carried over between saves, so that challenge is just referring to moving in 5 different families on 5 different saves, I'm pretty sure. Disappointing, and I hope they patch it someday!
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It's not between saves. I have two saves, yet 1 family for the challenge. Different save, different data.
#45lazycomplifePosted 10/27/2010 10:44:43 PM
My guess is that making another household in a neighborhood is an UNLOCKABLE. I think you have to probably trigger some event in the game in order to do it.
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teabag69 posted...
Here is what I found on the sims community forum:

"You can select a different household in a new game and when everyone in your active household passes away. When you do the latter, the town population and any changes you made to your houses will be as you left them. "

So yes it looks as if we only get on family per neighborhood.

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Kocano26 posted...
I think I found the option.

When in the create-a-sim mode. **click on the empty portrait with the + beside it.**

One of the options will be the Import a Sim. As well as the create a sim.
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This would just add that imported Sim to your current household, but yes, the problem is once you are already in the game.

The idea of starting 5 new saves makes sense too, but then if Drakebunny says that only one family is showing for the challenge, then that sucks. I might have to check that out on my own because I have two saves as well right now.

It would be fine if it is an unlockable, but it would also be nice to know for sure. If it is not....there is a chance EA could make a patch to fix this, right? After all, the book says to go to a mirror to get back to create-a-sim...and we all know by now that when you look in a mirror, that is not an option. Seems like they left something out to me and it needs to be fixed. Has anyone tried contacting them? Does anyone know the email address to do so?

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It is also strange that the manual says to use a miror to access create-a-sim, but we all know that the option is not there when we try....

#48Drakebunny(Topic Creator)Posted 10/28/2010 6:23:27 AM
Make a new family and check it out. It'll still say one family. That means that there must be a way to do it.
#49rns91294Posted 10/28/2010 6:23:59 AM
Sorry to triple post. I found a website to submit questions to them. It is:

I think it would be wise for others to write to them and ask as well, There is also an option to do a Live Chat, but I went and sent an email. Will update you if I get a response, but hope others will decide to write them too so they know this is a real concern. Maybe they can put a patch out to fix it....although, I don't know how the Xbox works with patches. I know they can do it for PS3, but know nothing about Xbox. I know this is the Xbox forum, but I have a PS3 and the problem exists there as well, so have been following this thread since it has the most info on the issue.
#50rns91294Posted 10/28/2010 6:25:58 AM
Drakebunny posted...
Make a new family and check it out. It'll still say one family. That means that there must be a way to do it.

You are right, there has to be a way...especially since the manual tells you to use a mirror to get back to create-a-Sim, but we all know it is not there. So it is either an unlockable, or a major screw up on their part.