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6 years ago#1
One of my sims is stuck in bed, they just shrug and shake their head and can't get out. Their needs have gone down all the way, so they're trying to get out of bed so that they can die...but they can't. Any interaction i've tried has failed, I tried actions with other sims, Karma Powers, even tried setting them on fire, but nothing works.

Then I tried moving out, but accidentally cancelled, and now it won't let me move out at all. This is the glitchiest f-ing game I have ever played. Any ideas? (I have two other sims living in the household, but they can't leave the area because my sim is "meeting death", so I can't leave the lot.
6 years ago#2
View a lot on the world map, and tell your sim to go there. Should work.
6 years ago#3
Ehh...It says I can't leave the view of the lot because a sim is meeting death...>.>
6 years ago#4
Haha once again I found out my own answer after my own trials and errors...when you are completely screwed, you can go to the town map and "replace" your house with another one, all the sims respawned outside, and the sim that was going to die was even fine.
6 years ago#5

Hey, been there too!

I just sent another Sim to the Central Park before my stuck Sim "meet death". While I was in the park my stuck Sim was refreshing his needs by himself. When I went back home my Sim was ok and out of the glitch bed.


6 years ago#6
I'm curious, did you all have maids?

I'm pretty sure my troubles started once I hired a maid. I think it has something to do with them making your bed as when I have my sim do it, he gets out of bed fine.
6 years ago#7

The easiest way is to go to your mailbox: hold the left trigger, then reset the sim that is stuck. There is no need to replace anything, or to go anywhere.

6 years ago#8

Oh you I forgot to say click on the mailbox while holding the left trigger.

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