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Trouble picking up seeds

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6 years ago#1
Every now and then it wont let me pick up a seed. my inventory isnt full i even took out all the seeds to try and plant them. it aso wont let me plant my seeds. is anyone else having this problem? or Does anyone have any idea how i can fix it?
6 years ago#2
To plant seeds you have to lay them on the ground in Build/Buy mode and then you should be able to plant them.
Not sure why you can't pick them up though, but Sims 3 seems to have a ton of glitches.
6 years ago#3
Yea ive planted seeds before it just wont let me at the moment. i only have 2 plants growing. Yea seems like most of the games that have come out latley have alot of glitches. I was playing fable 3 and got a game breaking glitch. Well thanks for responding. =)
6 years ago#4
I've noticed that the inventory menu can get quite buggy if you look at several items in a row. Backing out and re-entering the menu clears it up.

And I have had some seeds that refused to let me do anything with them in the Sim's inventory menu. This can be sidestepped by using the build and buy menu. I planted the last two that glitched the menu and they both turned out to be death flower seeds.
6 years ago#5
Im still having the same problem i tried taking everything out of my inventory but that didnt work. You can plant seeds in build and buy??? Is there anyone i could call to report the problem or get help on how to fix it?
6 years ago#6
You can place them on the ground from build & buy. The "plant here" option is in live play. Guess I've been lucky so far, things have never been so glitched that I couldn't place and plant.
6 years ago#7
it started working again for me i can pick up some seeds and i can plant again...i just wonder how long that will last
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