Game freezes at loading screen of after attempting to load a save game.

#1chaosclown17Posted 7/4/2011 7:34:49 PM

I recieved the Sims 3 game for xbox 360 for christmas and after throughly enoying the game for about 2 - 3 weeks afterward I moved on. In March I went back to play the game and it worked okay for a little while little more freezing than unsual but nothing to bad. I left it alone again until about April and then that is when it started. It froze during the loading screen where you see the green spinning diamond. I was able to get by that a few days afterward and to the title screen I would then attempt to load/continue/new game and it would go to the loading screen and freeze.

I have tried it on two xbox 360s same results. I have downloaded the latest patch no results. I have cleared the cache and wiped the game from my memory untis no results. The game sometimes frezes the xbox comepletely but other times I can go to dashboard just fine. The game has light scratching and has been cleaned correctly several times. I do not understand the scratching I have taken pretty good care of the game keeping it in a case at all times.

So my question is basically can my xbox 360 mess up my games it has the open tray error but I am able to work around that. I would also like to know is there anyway to work around this.

P.S. I have tried to download the game to hardrive stopped around 50% I do not believe the problem to be scratching bcause of no can not read disk warnings or the lack of deep scratching.

Thank you