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5 years ago#1
Currently, I have unlocked almost every single outfits in this game. The business field, chef, medicine, sports, both criminals. The only missing is the law enforcement and mad scientist. However, I have a question, what is the last outfit, which on the very bottom left corner? How can I unlock that one?

For the girl sims, (it looks like a red top and a short)

For the boy sims, (it looks like a white shirt with a tie)?

I have unlock all the other career and wedding outfits, but how do I unlock that one?
5 years ago#2
I'm trying to unlock all the outfits but I don't know how either. Can you outline what you did to unlock all the others?
5 years ago#3
There's a lot of careers to choose from.

The first 2 outfits are for the level 10 Criminal and Level 10 Thieft Career paths. They both are in the Criminal fields, once you reach to level 5 of criminal field, they will pop up the question whether or not you want to go with criminal field or thieft field, you will get them once you reach to level 10.

The next two outfits I haven't unlocked yet because my next career path is the law enforcement, I believe these two outfits belong to the law enforcement, you might unlocked them once you reach to level 5 and level 9 or 10 on the law enforcement career.

The following 2, with the white shirt and blue shirt, these are belong to science field, remember science field has 2 paths, one is going to be the doctor field, another is for the mad scientist field. The first white shirt can also be wear to the mad science field and doctor field.

For number 7 and 8 outfits these belong to doctor and mad science field..

For 9 is the doctor field.

10 and 11 are the politican field. which you can get it through business field, by level 5, you can choose to become a businessman or go for politician.

for 12, is the thieft path.

13 and 14 are belong to level 3 or level 5 criminal path.

15, 16, 17 are belong to chef career path.

18 is the wedding dress. so go get marry. I married Josh Love.

19, the red shirt, thats the one I have trouble with, I can't figure it out yet.

20. is the level 10 sport career.

21 is the level 10 business field, for businessman path.
5 years ago#4
p.s., get married ASAP!!!!!

because to get all the outfits, without your partner's help, it will take a looooong time to reach to get all the outfits, but if you have a partner, you guys can choose to go with different path of careers, it will unlocked both the male and female outfits, so save you some time.
5 years ago#5
Damn... that's a good tip. I'm trying to go through the criminal path. I wonder if it's possible to unlock all of them with live-in partners instead...
5 years ago#6
You can unlock both the male and female outfits. It will be alot faster going with two people instead of one person. I'm done with culinary and science now. The last one is the police officer career, I will let you know if I can unlock the last outfit or not once I finish with the police career.
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