ITT: Killstreaks that make you s*** bricks.

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5 years ago#1
Can be from any game.

AC-130. Hell hath no fury like an enemy AC-130 above.
Pave Low
RC-XD (mainly because they always target me)
and Rolling Thunder
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5 years ago#2
Blackbird but only because it holds every dbag's wang for them so they can find every person and kill them. I guess with everyone running Ghost in BO it's necessary.
5 years ago#3
RCXD. When I hear these things and I'm on a killstreak, I panic and scream "RUN AWAY!"
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5 years ago#4
Lol I love finding the RC... I hear it from enemies and I try looking for it to blow it up as it barely ever catches me.. I'll even jump off the side to kill myself so they got no points ;P - But I always try to find it to blow it up and I did it most times ahaha
5 years ago#5
Blackbird. By far the best killstreak ever.

Black OPS:
Valkyrie Rockets: because they target me.
Sentry Gun: when you play an objective based game, and they place it in front of the objective, and its in a location you cant get to without it noticing you.
RCXD: that little thing is annoying.
Dogs: even though you can kill one, two, three, etc... there is always that one that gets you from behind or the sides.
Gunship and Chopper Gunners from BO: i dont have ghost pro.

MW2: any air support when not running around with cold blooded.

Basically, any killstreaks that are assault based. lol
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5 years ago#6
the attack heli from black ops, that thing always targets me and especially at the worst time. i can be capturing a domination flag not even moving and it gets me and i am about to aim down my sight to shoot someone in the back and it gets me. I will even escape it while shooting me and by the third time it has tried to shoot me i feel like it might target someone else but NO! I feel as though that thing always targets me
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5 years ago#7
its more inclined to shoot at the players on the top of the enemy leaderboard.

also it doesn't like to change targets.... on jungle, i was hiding by the giant ledge and based on the choppers angle it had to penetrate a little so it couldn't kill me but it kept severly wounding me. it shot me for about 35 seconds until an enemy came and finished me off.
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  3. ITT: Killstreaks that make you s*** bricks.

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