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3 years ago#1
Fear None Gaming is a gaming clan for fans of PS3/xbox shooters. Our goal is to establish a community of gamers that play squad based shooters, discuss strategy and tactics, and have fun. We are looking for mature gamers who are team players and enjoy working together to achieve success on the battlefield.

We are looking for members to be active and respectful towards the other clan-mates while still being laid back and having a great time. Gamers of all skill levels are welcome to register. We have Gamebattles teams for competitive members and casual clan operations for all gamers every week!

Joining is free. We are over 80+ members strong and have a great website at Enjin.com. We're not the only ones that share that opinion. The setup of our clan is very simple and straight forward. It gives easy to learn ranks and leadership positions, allowing all members to understand the chain of command. Members always know who to direct their questions or concerns to, based off of different criteria.


FN brings more than just great gaming in a great atmosphere!
»Easy to use website with Chat and Arcade!
» Well structured leadership with opportunities for growth
» Highly experienced and hardworking clan leaders. Always looking to help you and expand the clan
»Ribbons and ranks for clan members
» Operations and clan tournaments
» One of a kind, custom made website themes
» Amazing news team to keep you up to date on all gaming news
» Active and relaxed forum community
» YouTube, Facebook, and twitter
» Long time friends
» An amazing graphics team!

»Must have and use a microphone
»Must be active on our website
»Must be able to speak English
» Must be at least 17 years old
» Minimum of 1.00 KD
» Must be mature, respectful and able to have fun

If you are interested in joining please register on our site and submit an application today!

Clan Website: http://fearnone.net/
We are also on Facebook & Twitter
Vote for us on http://www.top100clans.com/.

See you on the battlefield!
3 years ago#2
RIP to the competition-----
3 years ago#3
Yall best accept my recruitment form.
If you know whats good for ya.
The sentence below is the truth.
The sentence above is a lie
3 years ago#4
We're always looking for 360 and PS3 players

No matter your timezone, country, region of the world..Fear None has you covered. We have gamers from all over the world combining their collective efforts to make a lasting and meaningful gaming community.

Stop your clan search, FN is where you want to be.


Register. Apply. Dominate.
3 years ago#5
Does the clan have a Gamebattles Team that plays a lot?
Games currently playing: Modern Warfare 3
3 years ago#6
XxCrazyStormxX posted...
Does the clan have a Gamebattles Team that plays a lot?

We have a GB team but they arent waiting for the next season to start and then they will be really active in it
3 years ago#7
Apply today at fearnone.net!
3 years ago#8
Stop the clan search, Fear None is where you want to be.

We are a clan made up of players from all around the world and support the 360, and PS3 gaming platforms. XBOX players are mostly needed!

We have an amazing forum dedicated towards talking strategy, tactics, weapons set ups, etc. We are always participating in tournaments within our clan and against others in clanbattles!

We pride ourselves on leadership and communication to achieve the objective and have a great time doing it!

Sound like your kind of clan? Register and apply now!


Where teamplayers play!
3 years ago#9
Want to enjoy COD again by not having to lonewolf it every single match? Tired of losing a match because you can't communicate with your team? Want to get those match and weapons challenges accomplished?

Get involved with FearNone today!

We'll watch your back, we will help you get those kills, we will help you win again. Stop the clan search, you know this is where you want to be.


Register. Apply. Dominate.
3 years ago#10
Do you Fear None?
Then join Fear None Gaming at fearnone.net
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