Is it bad to have low sensitivity when playing online?

#1The_Buring_OnePosted 7/3/2012 9:51:28 PM
Please discuss
#2LuneyToonzPosted 7/3/2012 9:53:24 PM
The general consensus is to just use as fast as you're comfortable with. For me, it depends on the guns I'm using. If I'm sniping, I'll use a 10 sensitivity, same for SMG's.

AR's and LMG's will be a 7.
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#4CrescentMoonFoxPosted 7/3/2012 10:00:10 PM
LuneyToonz posted...
The general consensus is to just use as fast as you're comfortable with..

This -^
I started on the default sensitivity which i think is 2 or 3.. I slowly went up by 1 over time and now I'm happy at 5.

If you feel your losing kills from a low sensitivity then just try moving it up by 1 until you get used to it. You may have some crappy rounds, but I think it may be worth it.
#5BadVlad555Posted 7/3/2012 10:07:51 PM
I started CoD at 4 sensitivity (MW2)and stuck with that for the longest time. Sometime around this January IIRC, I started to move up to higher and higher sensitivities. I think I'm around 7-8 now. It didn't really seem to make me any better or worse as a player, though (if anything it made my aim slightly, imperceptibly, worse) .

I think in actual professional events, most people playing keep it at around 2 or so, but that's because since they know what their teammates will be doing they will rarely have to do a quick 180 to see what's behind them. So playing on a higher sensitivity isn't always the best thing to do.
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#6GotRadsPosted 7/3/2012 11:04:18 PM
Using what you're comfortable with is fine but playing well at a higher sensitiviy will benefit you more than a lower one.
#7GoldenEye8686Posted 7/4/2012 7:53:41 AM
Higher sensitvity generalyl benefits you when someone brushes past you or you're being shot in the back, etc.

I stick to 5 on MW3, it's perfect I am able to turn around quick enough to shoot down enemies and it's very precise.
#8Overlord_RazePosted 7/4/2012 10:29:35 AM
I have a fairly high kdr and mine is still at 2. (So it isn't necessary.)

General idea is higher for close range combat and lower for long range.
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Higher sensitivity is OP.
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In MW2 I was using 8, I think. In MW3 I'm using 3, and sometimes 4 (but I always go back to 3). MW3 is more like BO, in that it takes more shots to kill. MW2 felt like you could just spray bullets in the general direction of the enemy and one hit would be enough for the kill.
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