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5 years ago#1
PA3 will roflstomp both these games when it comes out in theatres, deal with it fanboys.
"Battlefield 3 is made with love. Call of Duty is a yearly rehashed series." - RE4_Master08
5 years ago#2
.... Both are incredibly stupid movies. The third one will be too.

"Oh wow! ghosts are real and you have to believe in god in or else you wont be safe!"

Is basically the movies are screaming at you throughout both movies.
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"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" - Happy Mask Salesman
5 years ago#3
This is probably the greatest topic ive ever seen
5 years ago#4
Are they seriously making a third one?
5 years ago#5
bump, the world needs to see this topic again
5 years ago#6
My review on Paranormal Activity:

Have you ever seen one of those surprise screamer videos on youtube before? It's basically that, except two hours long. You'll end up getting smacked if you make your friends watch either.
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5 years ago#7
A crappy movie that is more of a waste of $15 than map packs.
5 years ago#8
Are they seriously making a third one?

Yep, they're doing a prequel of when the two sisters were children.
5 years ago#9
my door opens and shuts all the time on its own and it doesnt worry me the slighest including night time when i can barely see
5 years ago#10

One night after a 5 hour session of Battlefield I went to bed and I heard the door crack open.....I got scared so I hid under the blanket. Then I realised it was my cat who opened the door.

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