How do you auto-aim?

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User Info: GDO9

5 years ago#1
I'm so used to manual aiming going back to Goldeneye days I can't break from the habit, but in this game I get so frustrated to get shot down by someone from a good distance who just points in my general direction and fires wildly, with auto-aim kicking in and catching my head after 2-3 shots.

How do I break my habit and is there a trick to auto-aim? A feel? Timing? Or just simply point and let go of the aim stick and shoot?

User Info: taraunderground

5 years ago#2
Every console shooter has auto-aim, including Goldeneye, its just very high in COD games.
You should still aim as normal.

User Info: Link43130

5 years ago#3
auto aim by shooting at the enemy and keeping your sights on them until the fall down cuz then they died
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