Range vs Damage

#1tacoslayer89Posted 12/3/2011 9:23:27 AM
So I've seen a lot of people claim that Damage is better on shotguns like the Spas because of the more consistent OHK up close. Makes sense.

For the Striker, I'm confused on which to use. To me, I think getting a 2 shot kill instead of a 3 at a slightly longer range is better, considering I can usually get 2 shots off at close range if the first one doesn't kill.
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#2s10w77Posted 12/3/2011 9:29:24 AM
I prefer range on the striker as opposed to damage. If I'm close it usually kills in one shot anyway and it not I can just spam the trigger. With range on you can reach out and kill people from a ways off and I find that much more useful.