Hacker caught on tape

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User Info: Helluvashot

5 years ago#1

For some reason I can't post onto callofduty.com so if someone here can please do.
It only does...Identity theft?

User Info: NinjaOps

5 years ago#2
I ran into the same thing!im not sure what it does,but it looks funny lol.

User Info: megacookieman

5 years ago#3
It's not a hacker, its an exploit with sniper rifles done using some combinations, and you got no-scoped big time

Type in youtube sniper rifle glitch mw3 to see people post video's on how to do it if you dont believe me

User Info: boredyay

5 years ago#4
Atheism is a terrible bet. It gives you no chance of winning a prize

User Info: Helluvashot

5 years ago#5
Ah I see, well sorry for the sensational title then just thought it was something wrong with the game.
It only does...Identity theft?

User Info: mobeus5018

5 years ago#6
Its a graphics glitch. someone on youtube showed how to do it. Not a hack or cheater. somoene who is just trying to get funny clips for some retarded qs vid.

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