Killstreaks in this game are pretty terrible

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Use scavenger. There now you don't have a excuse anymore.

What if I haven't unlocked it yet? :p

I think they should just stick to a simple 3-5-7 system with may 1-2 choices for each and that would STILL be a lot.

It is pretty clustered. It's definitely a "more is better" mentality they have going

This or pick up another

lol no **** dude, I was just messin, I guess it's easy to sit there and make generalizations when someone complains, you got the wrong idea though.

I'm not complaining about the killstreaks because I need something cheap and overpowered to get me free multis. The fun factor of using rewards like the AC isn't there anymore because of how difficult it is to get momentum going. When you look at the average return you get for using it (which probably wont be higher than 5 or 6 kills per AC) you realize it just ain't worth the kills sadly. Especially when just using a Pave Low will average more kills, whilst you have your own freedom of movement

It's the same with the Reaper, Assault Drone and Osprey. Fun somewhat, but there's not much justification when the pred + choppers combo just does everything better with less effort. And don't get me started on useless streaks like the AH6
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Have you tried the troll bomber? It's not unusual to take out the entire team with it and it's easy as hell to get.
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curtland posted...
I think there are too many kill streaks in general (support package certainly doesn't help).

It's cool that they have them, but they are too easy to get and pretty much just run constantly from the start of the match til the end.

I think they should just stick to a simple 3-5-7 system with may 1-2 choices for each and that would STILL be a lot.

But it would at least be a compromise.
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This. I agree with.

They should be a reward for good play and not popiing up constantly for just participating.

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lol never said I hated Black Ops, it just had ass killstreaks. I don't want killstreaks to be overpowered, but I don't want them to be worthless either

I understand. I've seen a bunch of topics that suggested being able to set up different killstreaks for different classes. That way you can have ones that work with different maps on the fly instead of being forced to change them only to have it be crippled by a vote change.

With as convoluted as the new killstreak package system is in this is I don't get why they wouldn't have came up with this idea themselves.
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l Dudeboy l posted...
Recon Drone is the best killstreak ever.

yep its the most satisfying.. unless ur team sux in that case its kinda lame.
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The attack helicopter probably does need a flare. UAVs need to fly a little higher, and they shouldn't be an assault streak.

But pred - attack helicopter - pavelow is definitely the best setup as far as netting kills is concerned.