So MW2 DLC $45 for 15 maps, MW3 Elite $50 for a total of 12 maps? just wow

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30$ for 10 MW2 maps there little guy. If you don't like the game and think it's a horrid rip off than you probably shouldn't be on this board, just sayin' I know I'll get my moneys worth.

Thanks big guy so mw2 had 10 maps for $30 while mw3 have 12 maps for $50 with a few so call mission and 2 gamemode. you feel like a man now? since i break it down for you.
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Well actually it is 20 maps, missions,game modes, and more. From actually call of duty website and not IGN.
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Well actually it is 20 maps, missions,game modes, and more. From actually call of duty website and not IGN.

Most likely a typo. If you count the squares on the calendar they add up to 20, but the maps only make up 12 of those squares.
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I love how the TC only counted the maps and ignored 6 missions and 2 modes.

Stop drinking your haterade.

i only play cod for MP i still haven touch one single spec ops mission to me they wasting my time with crap.

So let me get this straight...

1. You paid for something without knowing what it entailed, even though the advertisements for Elite Premium clearly stated that the content was going to be more than just MP maps.

2. Going by your posts and the fact that you don't play the other modes of the game, they're a talentless company and the content they're delivering should be ignored by everyone because "it's a waste of time" unless it is a MP map. Cool.

Next time be a smart consumer and read before you make a purchase. I doubt you'll get much sympathy from anyone with your logic.
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Wow guys, seriously grow up about this stupid waste of time argument. It's not even that much money, but I guess thats only an issue for me and I shouldn't assume its the same for all of you.

Example: I went to lunch today with two friends, and I was feeling generous and paid the bill for all three of us. It's what friends do, after all. I spent $38 on a bill instead of the usual $9-$15 (depends on if I have an extra stella or not). That cost right there is over triple what you guys are complaining the difference of price in ($50 with elite, $60 without... but this is for multiplayer maps ONLY).

tl;dr : cry more and/or get a job, please
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pretty disappointed.. hope there is other content planned in addition to maps.
plus CLAN OPS!!!
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I'm not sure "waste of money" accurately describes the amount of hours I have sunk into MW2 and will sink into MW3.

Mind you for me the MW2 packs were heaven. I loved the new maps (they don't seem so horrible now you've played the MW3 ones eh?) and the re-hashes were perfect for me as I barely touched MW1 MP.

I'd love to see Terminal in this game.

I'd love to see Favela, Sub Base, Skidrow, Storm, and Salvage back.

I know everyone hated Wasteland but I don't mind one absolute Sniper map.

I'm even a fan of Rundown. I hated that map when I startged, but now love it.

Also, Quarry. Mos def.
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