Mike Piazza

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3 years ago#1
they should give us baseball bats on this map.

Headshot = homerun

assist = rbi
3 years ago#2
Stupid topic
3 years ago#3
NarutoTaio posted...
Stupid topic

Naruto sucks.
3 years ago#4
JohnnyCageMK posted...
NarutoTaio posted...
Stupid topic

Naruto sucks.

Hater women marry hater men and have hater kids
3 years ago#5
Naruto is pretty good.
3 years ago#6
NARUTO is awesome what you talkin about? your a hater because you have to wait in may for the start of the great fourth war!
3 years ago#7
3 years ago#8
make pizza
3 years ago#9
One Piece > Naruto

get out
PSN: zDesktop
3 years ago#10
The attack copters on Piazza should shoot baseballs! Yeah!

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