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3 years ago#1
Previous scores:

#1. AK-47 - 6.97 (14 votes)
#2. P-90 - 7.64 (31 votes)
#3. M4A1 - 7.83 (18 votes)
#4. UMP 45 - 7.76 (29 votes)
#5. Scar-L - 9.05 (29 votes)
#6. M60E4 - 7.59 (15 votes)
#7. PP90M1 - 8.52 (31 votes)

1: Not Even Close, un-usable, bugged, ect.
2. Not Close, BARELY usable, bugged, ect.
3. I could MAYBE see how someone could use it, impractically. Not for me at all.
4. Almost a usable gun, one flaw prevents it though.
5. Usable. Not my cup o' tea.
6. Gun with some decent positives but some flaws that you can't ignore.
7. Good gun, solid choice, works practically.
8. Great Gun. Perks outweigh cons.
9. Damn near perfect. One of the best in the game, nothing comes close, possibly OP.
10. Perfect in every way. Nothing will ever get this rating from me.

My opinion on the previous PP90M1's rating:
I am surprised at the generosity of the voters; however I know the PP90M1 is a lot of peoples' favorite gun, people do use it a lot in general and it has a couple really strong advantages when using. It's also generally fun to use; doesn't take much skill; and has lots of ease of use. I am not surprised to see it get an 8+ rating, and I (almost) agree with it.

My rating for the USAS-12 - 8.25 (Great on my scale.)

The USAS is one of the most fun guns to use in MW3. It has a great balance of 1HK's, decent fire rate (way higher than the pumps, yet resembles them in power.) It also has a great effective range; in other words I don't feel handicapped in any way at range as compared to the other shotguns. The added bonus of extra sprint time helps a lot as well, and this gun is a LOAD of fun to use; which in the end is what the game is about.
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3 years ago#2
My personal setup #1: Ultimate Flanker

USAS-12, Range/Extended Magazines
USP .45 Akimbo

Throwing Knife
Stun Grenade

Extreme Conditioning Pro
Assassin Pro
Steady Aim Pro

Support Package: UAV, Ballistic Vest

How to use the class and why:
Sprint Sprint Sprint. Take unconventional routes and flank the opponent. You will (nearly) have unlimited sprint and will have NO problem surprising the hell out of every enemy member about 10 times a game. Pull out the USP if you run out of ammo, or if you need to stab someone. If you get caught with your pants down, throw a stun or two. I play this class in Demolition and Domination a whole lot. If you'd like to use a different red perk, run Counter-UAV instead of vests.

Setup #2: Low levels - 1-24

USAS-12: Focus, Grip/RDS/Holographic Sight (use whatever you need a challenge for)
MP9 Silencer

Frag Grenade
Stun Grenade

Sleight of Hand Pro
Hardline Pro
Steady Aim Pro

Specialist: Assassin; Dead Silence; Stalker (if you're doing the sight challenges) or Scavenger.

How to use:
Try to get the specialist bonus and it will help you a lot. Fortunately, you won't have as hard a time getting to level 24 as you'd think, just stick it out. The USAS may be the best stock shotgun IMO. Just stick it out and play some objective games (Drop Zone, Domination, Team Defender, Demolition) and you'll have Range in no time.


If you'd like to see some of my personal rankings on gun categories and best-in-class, check out my YouTube channel.

My Channel: www.youtube.com/user/bonethuggerz

ARs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp5wmlwexb8&feature=plcp

SMGs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzwPZJHT1xs&feature=relmfu

Launchers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdPg4noGkDQ&feature=relmfu

Pistols: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTwCJy6aK7U&feature=relmfu

Machine Pistols: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lZBh73vQBM&feature=relmfu

Take it easy guys.
Life~Long Vikings fan. CC for HoF supporter since 06'
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3 years ago#3
Seeing as the Scar gets a 9 (What the hell are we gonna rate the ACR?) i'll give the PP90 a 9.5. Part of the "OP" trio with the MP7 and ACR, can beat both out CQB, excellent with Range and one of my personal favorite guns. Great gun to mow down multiple people with as well.

So yeah, 9.5/10.
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3 years ago#4
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3 years ago#5

My favorite shotty, slap extended mags and damage on that baby and go to town.
3 years ago#6
Great gun. Using it now feels really good especially after using it prior to the patch. It's a good mix of range and power.
Still, not everything is perfect. It's slightly inconsistent - if you fail to get a OHKO you're pretty much dead. Its fire rate is slow, and the mag capacity is small. Still, these are minor gripes and shouldn't deter you from using this gun. It's great.
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3 years ago#7
10. Definitely the best shotgun imo. I enjoy killing all striker users in a single shot.
3 years ago#8
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3 years ago#9
7. I like it quite a bit- fun to use, good power.
3 years ago#10
with extended mags and damage, it tears through people, and it dominates before it gets both of those as well. 10.
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