Why is this community one of the most blatantly homophobic groups on X-Box Live?

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PS guys, we are approching the half way point.

keep posting!

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I think you meant to post this on the Mass Effect Boards.

However, I'm really not surprised it worked here too.
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This thread is like watching a train derail and plow it's way through a petting zoo. You don't want to watch, but you can't help yourself. Also there will likely be lambchops afterward.
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Its cool and all if your gay, but stop trying to shove your sexual preference in everyone's face. It's annoying.
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When did I shove anything in anyone's face?
GameFAQs moderators passively encourage homophobia via selective modding.
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zeppelin312 posted...
Religion tells me sin is natural, and religion also tells me being homosexual is a sin. So being gay is natural? *insert philosoraptor here*Though I do detest religion, and most if Wild T's behavior, I do not endorse gay hate. However this topic can be summarized in a single internet word.Derp

no religion says that it is human nature that makes us want to sin.
I'd suggest you read up on religion more before you down talk it since you clearly have no clue what your saying
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if it is our nature to sin, than it is natural.

Of course religion is ridiculous so oversights like this make sense. I'm not saying you shouldn't believe, but I mean wizard zombies?

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You can listen to magical sky fairies or whatever you choose to life your life doing. Its your life. In the meantime I'll be sticking to wonderful manlove.
GameFAQs moderators passively encourage homophobia via selective modding.
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@moderator: BTW the term "queen" means a gay man that's flamboyant. Nice job on the mod <_<