Brilliant idea for knifing in call of duty games!

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3 years ago#1
I love it when the enemy kills me just barely touching me with his knife.


I thought of a GOOD way to make the knife more feasible in combat.

Tapping the button will only damage the player while holding down the knife button does a much stronger attack, but the damage of both will depend on how close you are.

Tapping the button only does 33% damage.

Holding the button down at medium range does 75% damage from the front or side.
99% in the back

To kill in 1 hit you have to be very close and hold the button down for 100%

Knifing the same time another player knifes acts as a parry only if both players tap the button.

Holding the button down while close to the enemy having them face you does a quick time event.

If you are faster you get to stab them, if not the enemy tosses you and gets the knife you.

If you are behind the enemy and you hold down the knife button you get the kill with out any QTE taking place.

I believe this makes the knife more balanced and will actually require skill.
It also removes panic knifes, and and knife attacks that don't even touch you, but still kill you.

You could bring back the commando lunge as it's effectiveness will be reduced.
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3 years ago#2
Reflexes are a skill. Whoever presses the button first, wins
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3 years ago#3
^ exactly.

Only now it takes skill to earn your kill, and not luck using piss poor hit detection.
The only time you'll ever hear a ninja is when someone says: "A Ninja".
3 years ago#4
instakill melee in a FPS game is just about as ironic as it could get. Shooting should be the priority of reflexes and that is where skill can be developed. After getting good at shooting, no one should get punished by a knife for doing what was intended. We have hipfire with cross hairs, we don't need knives.
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3 years ago#5
2 to the front
1 to the back.

BALANCE (except for lag)
3 years ago#6
There's more than reaction time involved with knifing. Older cod games I'd say you're on to something there, but not with the way the game is currently setup. For example, when someone gets within knifing range of me, no matter what I do, I aim straight down to the ground. Aim assist pulls my crosshairs straight to my feet. If I knife when I'm like that, obviously nothing happens. It takes a while to get out of that situation, flip around and locate the enemy. By that time I'm normally dead. I can get the knife lunge every once in a while but I just end up knifing the air then drop dead. It's why I don't knife in cod games anymore. Lag comp has everything to do with if your knife will work or not now, whereas in older cod games knifing was an alright option in emergency situations. Sorry, but not being able to turn off aim assist and being on the bad side of lag comp make even knifing a hard task.
3 years ago#7
Knifing isn't suppose to be easy
The only time you'll ever hear a ninja is when someone says: "A Ninja".
3 years ago#8
I think the only thing that needs to change with knifing is the speed of it depending on how long it would take to ready the knife.

2 handed guns have a slower knife speed. (need to get the knife from having your hand up, out in front of you). ARs, 2 Handed SMGs, etc.
1 handed guns have the current knife speed. (a hand is free, so it's likely to be closer to the knife). 1 handed SMGs, 1 handed pistols.
Tac Knife has the current fast speed, as it is already there.
Akimbo has no knife. You're already close range, and have two guns to hipfire with, you don't need a knife.
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3 years ago#9
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3 years ago#10
This topic again?

Look, this is what you need to ask yourself, "Do I hate dropshotting or knifing more?"

Any nerf to knifing will result in an increase in dropshotters. If you don't like dropshotting, stop asking for the knife to be nerfed.

I don't have a problem with either, but I find it amazing that some people are shortsighted enough to ask for a nerf to the knife but then complain about dropshotting.
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