Need teammates for TDM

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3 years ago#1
I'm tired of getting idiots on my team. PM me if you want to play TDM. Don't even bother unless your KD is above 1.8.
3 years ago#2
I LOL'd.
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Gt: supercoolisaac
3 years ago#3
My K/D is above 2, and I still don't want to play with you. Maybe if you asked nicely or not like a douch people would want to play.
A camper is anybody who killed anyone ever in CoD while doing anything.-zeppelin312
3 years ago#4
not really in a position 2 b such an ass about KDR
GT: Beiber 4ever
3 years ago#5
Me and my brother can play with you if you need some teammates. My kd is about 3.0 and my brother has almost 4.0 if thats your requirement.
3 years ago#6
1.8? That's it? That's your standard? Someone going 18-10 is horrible.
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