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Just BTW, did anyone see the TIME magazine article on BF3 and MW3? (Archived)RufusNKenRSTier111/8/2011
WOW...2.9 user score!!! (Archived)
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When will Treyarch make another CoD? (Archived)
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This board will return to normal by Friday ... (Archived)
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3rd Person Playlist? (Archived)SyxxPakk6711/8/2011
are weapon stats improved when leveling up? (Archived)Mitchel1988111/8/2011
I LUCKED OUT finding the 'Hardened Edtiion' this morning... (Archived)snoogans460211/8/2011
will finding intel unlock cheats? (Archived)turborecon211/8/2011
HEY Tell Me How This Game IS?! (Archived)The_Great_Juan511/8/2011
Damn Little Kids (Archived)josefrees211/8/2011
Kill Confirmed Rocks! (Archived)
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$39.99 for sure (Archived)SilkPanties511/8/2011
"Keep kills trhought death" ??? What is this reviewer talking about? (Archived)TierDal411/8/2011
I hate conformity (Archived)Minjo26211/8/2011
Well metacritic scores are coming in... (Archived)Maj2004411/8/2011
The opposite of a bad idea, isn't a good idea. (Archived)Aelia211/8/2011
Currently $52 on Amazon with $25 Credit for Xbox Live Gold (Archived)the415Anamoly511/8/2011
What game mode has the most xp earning potential? (Archived)flyingcitrus111/8/2011
This board is getting very entertaining (Archived)GreAsyG2003311/8/2011
12 player multiplayer? really? (Archived)
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