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You can't play the objective if you're dead. (Archived)
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Doesn't this game make you angry? (Archived)Arab_Anarchist99/21/2011
Difference between this game and BF3 (Archived)DmanTee89/21/2011
Stoping power is in the game (Archived)xoak7399/21/2011
I think COD's once popular formula is still popular for one or two reasons (Archived)RepublicanThug109/21/2011
Thie new tactical and lethal loadout has me lost with Blastshield and Assassin (Archived)Afghan_Whig77749/21/2011
BestBuy Midnight Release? (Archived)cloud982039/21/2011
Hardened Edition at Gamestop (Archived)
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I say we boycott MW3 and every game after (Archived)
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Huge maps, 6v6, no reason not to use Assassin (Archived)
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Every critic who dislikes this game is just mad... (Archived)GamerSanta79/21/2011
HBS is a crutch for kids who can't soundhore (Archived)TheBiggerOne59/21/2011
So isn't anybody worried that InfinityWard has lost about half of it's talent (Archived)
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Multiplayer Guests (Archived)PapaRosario2339/21/2011
will killstreak kills counts towards your killstreaks in this game? (Archived)IamAlegend200599/21/2011
No Stopping Power? No Danger Close? No buy. (Archived)
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MW3 Jammer doesn't do anything to enemy equipment (Archived)
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quickscoping (Archived)GaMeKzwner10139/21/2011
When six year old girls play Modern Warfare. (Archived)SwordBlaze109/21/2011
How Assassin can be worse than Ghost/Cold Blooded? (Archived)
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