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Call Of Duty 3 was the only Call Of Duty to use P2P. (Archived)
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Aren't you guys overreacting with this "Advance UAV" thing.... (Archived)
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What do private match custom gametypes mean? (Archived)NitemareNS39/20/2011
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Every year I say to myself I wont get the next COD... (Archived)
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Gears ppl have nothing to say about overpriced dlc in COD with the 3600 point (Archived)jesse715069/19/2011
will one in the chamber be in this game? (Archived)IamAlegend200549/19/2011
People still think Assassin will block the Advanced UAV? (Archived)
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#1 thing you're excited for in MW3? (Archived)
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Wow, look at this! LMAO (Archived)
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Damn gamestop and their rewards program,DAMN THEM! (Archived)zeroalphamax49/19/2011
What ever happened to innovation? (Archived)
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Really hoping the matchmaking in this game is at least decent (Archived)Kwizxx59/19/2011
its gonna be all about the support package (Archived)
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Know what console MW3 will be best on? (Archived)cipo8939/19/2011
Are there no-perks, no-killstreak modes? (Archived)Z008MJ89/19/2011
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Team Tactical (Archived)Imanok8929/19/2011