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did anyone hear the m40 being shot? (Archived)HomieKnockout29/2/2011
At least this game has chicken. (Archived)msudude21119/2/2011
MP trailer failed (Archived)
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Why do other shooters even try to compete with COD? (Archived)
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I can't get excited about any new features when the perk list is so messy. (Archived)BattleAxeRX49/2/2011
What the heck is with the uber high killstreaks? (Archived)
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Will this class be possible? (Archived)somnambulist0759/2/2011
Recon will be heavily used in Search And Destroy (Archived)morrowindlord29/2/2011
I"ll let my uncle buy it first... (Archived)Epic_Bear_Guy39/2/2011
Lol, I haven't seen a board this active in a while. (Archived)AdamWest7819/2/2011
Why is everyone hating multiplayer vid (Archived)morrowindlord109/2/2011
Before judging/writing off this game..... (Archived)DecTaylor9459/2/2011
Guess the metacritic by Christmas (Archived)son_gogetto99/2/2011
Funny easteregg. Ghost's name was on the dogtags in the video (Archived)BassHunterXXX19/2/2011
Quality > Quantity (Archived)
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Why did the 1st guy in the trailer run UAV even though he had the Assault Chain? (Archived)DrBaus39/2/2011
The guy in the MP trailer is hella not camping. (Archived)Matrix is poo59/2/2011
Call of Copy (Archived)
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Black Ops sold 18m in Map Packs (Archived)
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Well at least they did something about Grenade Launchers (Archived)DrBaus69/2/2011