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? Care Package Glitch? (Archived)Sega9599612/1/2013
Question (Archived)GuyFawkes5711/23/2013
Funny Ninja Defuse Montage (Archived)Riddluh311/16/2013
KSG 12 Title and Emblem Will Not Unlock! (Archived)X4EverSkornedX411/4/2013
What is the population like right now. (Archived)acoustiphile211/2/2013
ITT I chronicle my journey from 10th to 20th prestige v2 (Archived)
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Some assault killstreaks should be buffed. (Archived)Sega9599410/28/2013
Should marksman cancel out assassin? (Archived)
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I feel like im trolling the enemey team when I use the riot shield (Archived)BuyersRemorse55710/26/2013
Started looking at "Most OP Guns" lists and noticed something.... (Archived)
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Does anyone else prefer this MW Campaign ? (Archived)nightcola710/14/2013
MW3 Is Totally Hacked... (Archived)
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One kill MOAB??? No fun (Archived)TsahvongLah510/6/2013
Need a Clan Join SO3K (Seriously Organized Clutch Killers) (Archived)Fox4Pro110/2/2013
SO3K (Seriously Organized Clutch Killers) Recuriting (Archived)Fox4Pro110/1/2013
So I was checking my computer and I found an unfinished shotgun montage (Archived)DepreceV219/29/2013
smaw headshot equals hitmarker assist (Archived)epicfailtryhard59/25/2013
My friend hated this game for being unrealistic... (Archived)SergioMach539/23/2013
Why didn't Infinity Ward develop a bad guys campaign for MW3? (Archived)Deletion0049/22/2013
mp is really dying (Archived)
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