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somehow, black ops 2 made me LOVE MW3, who would've thought?? (Archived)
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How is the on-line population? (Archived)Risperdali66/1/2013
What's with people modding/hacking with the 4.0+ KDR? (Archived)Agnostic42076/1/2013
It finally happened ... (didn't believe my ears lol) (Archived)Mr_Popel16/1/2013
Hi, what is the button layout? (Archived)Nightshift198325/31/2013
Finally. I'm finished. Marksman Challenge on every weapon in the game. (Archived)Sega959945/30/2013
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Why do people... (Archived)
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What is so good about specialist? (Archived)
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How to boost your k/d (Archived)Vegeta_Yulaw45/23/2013
Are there any DLC maps like Bakaara that are kickass for Survival? (Archived)Oranges2Oranges35/23/2013
This game is freaking garbage and unplayable (Archived)
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why all the quick scoping hate? (Archived)ZSiiK_WaRRioRz105/19/2013
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