lag/latency issues

#1SwordofSamsonPosted 3/9/2012 4:32:33 PM
it seems recently while i play multiplayer that im lagging behind by like 2 seconds.

example: i fire 2 shots of a shotgun at someone close range, and get killed by them. but on their killcam, I only fired at the most 1 shot.

this problem even happens when i have a full 4 bars of latency.

also, lowering my video settings doesnt seem to help either.

anyone have any idea whats happening?
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#2Re_AnimatorPosted 3/22/2012 8:58:52 PM
Since no one has answered your question yet, either because they don't know or don't want to admit the truth...allow me. As I've covered this pretty extensively in this forum a while ago.

The lag you're experiencing isn't your fault. It has nothing to do with your connection (sort of...I'll explain why in a bit) or your computer or corrupt files or anything.

What you are witnessing is, in fact, a direct "creative" idea implemented into the game's netcode by your friends at IW. It is known as "lag compensation".

IW thought this hair-brained idea was a viable solution to the garbage that was MW2 MP. In MW2, whoever was host of a game had a clear advantage over others...roughly a 1-2 second delay. To "fix" that little oversight...IW thought it would be great to do the exact opposite for MW3...and then call it a day.

Lag compensation is the reverse of what took place in MW2.

In MW3, the person who has the better connection will be host. Whoever is host will now suffer the 1-2 second delay you've been experiencing. Though it has been reported that not only hosts, but anyone with a high-end connection. I tend to agree with this...but it is more noticeable when you're host.

If you have a good-great connection, the game will punish you for it. It places a crutch on you, and gives others with inferior connections an unfair/unbalanced edge. Which is hilarious, as most of these cretins that think they are good and say "you suck" will then claim you turn on hacks when someone else becomes host and you riddle them repeatedly.

After taking a long break from this game...I decided to re-install today and see if anything has changed.

It has...

...for the worst. I didn't think it could be possible, but the game has become even more lag-eriffic than before. Not to mention there are noticeably more cheaters.

Then again, on the dedicated servers, this doesn't occur. Only thing is, IW, in their wisdom, crippled dedicated servers in terms of player progression.

Just play MP on IWNet P2P BS until you've unlock all weapons, etc. Then just stick with dedicated servers. It makes the game more tolerable.

Not that it fixes the plethora of other issues the game has...but at least you won't be burdened by the sheer stupidity that is lag compensation any longer. Utterly stupid on IW's really boggles the mind.
#3Re_AnimatorPosted 3/22/2012 9:11:01 PM
Another thing...

For the reasons I mentioned above, it is why you will see a lot of host migrations occur in-game. The hosts get sick of the garbage of being killed repeatedly through no fault of their own, and just leave....causing the host migration of selecting a new host for the game.

Some of the non-intelligent people say they just rage quit. Wrong. Rage quitting is quitting because a person keeps getting killed due to their lack of skill. In this game, lots of people quit because they are being killed on an unfair and unbalanced playing field.

The crap that is lag compensation destroys any kind of fair and balanced gameplay measured by skill. Because of this, and the cheap spawning system, skill is thrown right out the window.

Granted, the game, for those who have inferior connections, do enjoy a more balanced lag-free game. Think of it this's like people living on two opposite planes of existence. Those who have crappy connections are rewarded with never being host and having a more fair experience.

The ones that have really good connections (like you and I) are doomed to live an eternity as host and be punished for our good connection...kind of like living an upper class life right as the country you live in is experiencing a communist revolution....we are screwed.

Nothing more to say really. This game is simply one of the most flawed online games to be released in quite some time.
#4GiantHaystacksPosted 3/23/2012 4:46:09 AM
Now, I'm not disputing Re_Animator as he's obviously put a lot more work into it than I have but...

I don't see this problem.

If this were a code issue, surely everyone would have the same problem? As not everyone does, doesn't that indicate that the problem is to do with the user's setup? I'm not saying it's their -fault- but that something about their connection / hardware / installation is causing or exacerbating the problem.
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#5SwordofSamson(Topic Creator)Posted 3/24/2012 8:09:54 AM
thanks for the responses. yeah i had already pretty much figured out about the lag compensation BS.

it seriously makes me hope they dont do it in the next CoD game because its almost a deal breaker for me
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#6Re_AnimatorPosted 3/25/2012 2:30:26 PM
SwordofSamson posted...
thanks for the responses. yeah i had already pretty much figured out about the lag compensation BS.

it seriously makes me hope they dont do it in the next CoD game because its almost a deal breaker for me

Oh they'll implement it again alright. IW has yet to even address the blatant issue, let alone fix it. They'll never fix it because they think it was a good idea...hence it will remain a good their minds. But in reality, it's completely stupid. Don't expect stupid people to realize their stupidity.

Just don't support any more COD games. Money talks. To them, it's the only language they understand. That will get their attention.