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More Destiny details surface...

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6 years ago#1
Destiny is a massive multiplayer first person shooter/RPG hybrid experience.
The development team has been inspired by titles such as Demon's Souls in many ways. One of which is that the gameplay ties directly into the narrative of the game.

The game is about alternate dimensions and alternate realities that can form when disruptions happen in the Space Time Continuum. So instead of switching to different servers to play with other players, part of the gameplay and narrative is that you can jump between alternate realities. The game does not start out in the multiplayer arena. There is a good chunk of single player gameplay at the beginning of the experience that not only allows you to fully customize your character's appearance and starting weapons and items, but also to make some pretty serious decisions that are going to make a mark on your game world in every way.

Each player of Destiny will have their own game world that is procedurally altered based upon the choices the player makes in this initial segment. They will forever be connected to this home dimension, and it will be their duty to be the chosen one of that world. The power of the chosen one is that he can travel between dimensions. So your home dimension can be invaded by any other player, regardless of what their intentions are, even when you are not playing...

This means that other players can make critical decisions about your game world. There are a plethora of NPC characters in your home dimension, and each one of them can be killed. So it is your duty to protect your home world for any other players that would wish to do it harm.

So where is the gameplay? Well, you gain experience for everything you do. There are going to be 10 different factions that you can join, this will align you with missions in your home dimensions, and in others as well. These missions will work in contrast with up to 5 different factions at once. So you can create your own clan that can join a faction and start one of the missions, and if one of those missions is to go into a town and kill a specific person in someone else home dimension, the other factions will get a mission prompt to try and stop you, while another faction might get a mission prompt to kill both of your factions and collect the bounty on your mission objective.

There will be constant mission updates, meaning that new missions will become available every month for every faction. Your success, failures, moral standing, and other factors will effect your standing with a faction, and you can get kicked out. Meaning that your character can move between various factions as much as they want throughout the game, but make sure not to burn all your bridges, because you might become a lone wolf.

And there are lone wolf missions for the gamer who wants to go it alone and never join one of the various factions. But make no mistakes, it is you versus the world. But you can do freelance jobs for various factions as a lone wolf and get a cut of the brick without having to be aligned with any of the various factions.

The game is going to put PVP, Coop, single player, and multiplayer all into the same experience. The entire game takes place in a giant open world, and each alternate dimension is different from the other in many ways. So that gives and almost infinite amount of game worlds to explore and tackle missions in.

Not too mention the fact that you can find, create, and customize over 10,000 different long range and melee weapons, as well as armor upgrades which can improve speed, jumping, and defense. As well as wield an action item that allows you to manipulate the environment in some way.
6 years ago#2
This might be the first game I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for..With new missions each month, and so much variety to begin with, it would be worth it.

Every action and derision you make not only has an impact on the Destiny of your character, but the Destiny of the dimension you are in, whether it is your home dimension or not. Every day is a constant battle over the Destiny of the multi-verse. And with so many chosen ones, which one is the one?

This could be Bungie's masterpiece. Thankfully it is coming to PS3!
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