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anyone want a beta code??

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1 year ago#1
i'll have 2 and all my friends preordered theirs so i'm willing to give them away
1 year ago#2
i would like the code if you 're giving it away.
1 year ago#3
no prob! i can send it to you on here or on your psn tomorrow morning!
1 year ago#4
you can send it on here through a private message. Thank you very much
1 year ago#5
1 year ago#6
May I get the other one?
1 year ago#7
Nvm bro I got one!
1 year ago#8
Is there still time to get the otehr code from you?
1 year ago#9
I would deeply enjoy one, kind sir.
1 year ago#10
Do you mind sending me the code you sent to 2 others too? Heard a code is valid for 3 downloads, would like to try if it works
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  3. anyone want a beta code??

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