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Title78 Bugged? (Archived)Shadowninja19612/28 3:46PM
Late to the party (Archived)tripletriad9912/27 7:40AM
difficult transition from first to second gen? (Archived)tripletriad9912/13 6:13PM
items not showing up after battle.. (Archived)tripletriad9921/6 2:18PM
Breakdown of Character Creator (In Progress) (Archived)leahnnovash112/10 4:49PM
Need Help On Team Composition (Archived)tonydr862002410/14 9:26AM
Sheild sword cant find need hel please (Archived)ClydeMad9138/2/2014
Trouble with summerill fight (Archived)Buzz307018/1/2014
Which Wife: Sayane or Routier (Archived)red15217/8/2014
PC version on steam (Archived)HighIQ14/13/2014
I only played for a bit and it doesn't seem that bad... (Archived)pipebomb__sushi14/12/2014
This game is stupid hard for me. What am I doing wrong? (Archived)clegg10211/12/2014
Character Skills Please reply if you are reading this (Archived)Juliet212121212/3/2013
Does Affection Level in Digest Mode Matter? (Archived)karat111/5/2013
DLC questions (Archived)liushan17/13/2013
I was having such a hard time with this game... until... (slight spoilers) (Archived)Uncle_StB57/4/2013
help against the Thunderbird in La'cryma Basin (Archived)Souleater021014/12/2013
Title 112 won't unlock (Archived)brassmicrowave12/12/2013
missing world map events in digest near gods (spoilers) (Archived)brassmicrowave12/11/2013
when can I revisit Boundary Plane fight? (spoilers) (Archived)brassmicrowave12/9/2013
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