Colosseo Glyph

#1XxDunexXPosted 11/16/2010 5:27:42 PM

Has anyone been able to find this one? I've spent forever looking around and I can't find it.

#2smartxalexPosted 11/16/2010 9:34:57 PM

I too need to know. I've spent an hour looking for it and I refuse to go further until I find this glyph.
#3XxDunexX(Topic Creator)Posted 11/16/2010 9:38:36 PM
#4RadicalAcePosted 11/16/2010 9:53:24 PM
It's on the outside wall of the absolute highest level. You have to drop down into it.
#5DensityReformPosted 11/16/2010 9:53:40 PM
It's near the top near the viewpoint.
#6kamekitaPosted 11/18/2010 5:18:32 PM
The one on the Colosseo is on the INSIDE of the building. Go in, turn around, and it's right above the door.
#7kamekitaPosted 11/18/2010 5:21:39 PM
J/K....wrong building
#8autoshopkidPosted 11/18/2010 5:44:38 PM
easy as hell to find

annoying as **** to get to
i was so pissed trying to get this stupid thing