a product that we make without hands or machines (pictures)

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code wheel is usually no problem, just never saw the bird. even took a minute to find that as obvious as which picture it would be on. code wheel just took a second with how drastic the change became. i didnt notice any similarities other than increasing value each time.. but the last number was even drastic for that. lol
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and oh yay, now my fkafsljs(favorite) part..
FING phone records. haha
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how about the chess game?
i've honestly tried every move i can see, it's got me in check mate.
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just tell me I get a chance to kick his ass later, lol
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If you know how to play chess, that is the hardest one to get. Try to forget you are playing chess and treat that board like it were this game, Assasin's Creed. What do you do when you can't win a fight?

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you cant see the forest for the trees and you cant smell your own crap on your knees!!
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ya it just hit me.. I'm trying to think chess way to much. suddenly hit me, free your mind i was trying to make crazy moves with my king to get him out of the way of trouble. haha
never thought about taking him off the board completely
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i picked the pictures that have a bunch of people on them. my thought was that what we can produce without our hands was "new people", children, offspring and so on.