need some help with Crepi Il Lupo

#1cooltwouPosted 7/26/2012 1:09:14 PM
i keep getting hit & it does not when it starts have any main weapon equipped other the the hidden dagger & when i take time to equip a women i can use like the sword i get hit any tips to help me out
#2SmirnoPosted 7/30/2012 3:28:56 AM
nice grammar dude
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#3CaniplaynowPosted 7/30/2012 5:06:37 AM
ok first learn how to dodge press X to dodge right when an enemy is about to hit you and secondly to not take damage counter with square more often at the moment they hit you. and lastly execution streak those bastardos and keep an eye on their health meters cuz when one blinks he is gonna attack soon.