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DBZ Cross Console Elite All Stars (Archived)S_S_3_CHA0S79/28/2012
good intro for my new youtube channel? (dragonball oriented) (Archived)chinsyghtt19/27/2012
ATTENTION PS3 & XBOX 360 DBZ Raging Blast 1 & 2 community! (Archived)S_S_3_CHA0S39/23/2012
Creating a 2nd Legends/Greatest fighters video(PS3 players WILL be included) (Archived)
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So I got this game from a friend (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
hey oni_ishida (Archived)setokaiba40019/17/2012
Anyone else think Gogeta's Signature looks awkward? (Archived)EternalDahaka19/13/2012
Once a hater now a lover (Archived)HavocTT99/10/2012
Broly 40000 Damage Signature (Archived)NeoMSonic39/9/2012
anybody wanna work on getting some online trophies (Archived)setokaiba40059/9/2012
The CPU is better than you (Archived)
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I don't understand. (Archived)UberDarkGuardia59/6/2012
I'M HERE on the PS3! Where are you ITACHI?!?!?!? (Archived)
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Proof of a New Hero Mode (Archived)NeoMSonic48/28/2012
BT3/RB Gameplay Comparison (Archived)
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Need to get this off my chest (Archived)Tenkaichi3_King48/16/2012
I'm feel like hm.. to do some....... (Archived)
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Trouble with Ultimate Spherical zone (Archived)MajinHordack48/13/2012
I have a hater! (Archived)mr123fou18/12/2012
this game is a ultimate fail..... (Archived)ss4godbroly48/10/2012
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