Will there ever be a free roam dragonball z game on the xbox 360?

#1bronze4v4proPosted 11/8/2010 10:59:16 PM
first off, is this game a free roam dbz game? I downloaded the demo a week ago and yea there was 1 on 1 fighting in it but maybe it has free roam?

I would drool over a free roam dbz game on the xbox 360. Maybe like a sandbox game or something that had the game broken up into "levels" or "acts" that were fairly linear, but still let you free roam stuff and explore.

Are there any dragonball z games on the xbox 360 like that?
#2WeaverSerawlPosted 11/9/2010 1:01:21 AM
Yes, yes it does, buy this now.
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#3SpootzPosted 11/9/2010 1:03:49 AM
This game is NOT free roam. Just battles...exactly like the demo.
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#4Soniczero1993Posted 11/9/2010 1:28:27 AM
Hol_Tiger posted...
Yes, yes it does, buy this now.

#5gill1993Posted 11/9/2010 5:12:16 AM

Tenkaichi 2 was..... sort of free roam (Kinda like Budokai 3). This, well.. no.

#6bronze4v4pro(Topic Creator)Posted 11/9/2010 1:08:26 PM
so there is a free roam dbz game on 360 then? I never heard of Techuki or w/e. I played the first dbz game Buidokai but thats it. How is the free roam in that game?

I wish this game had free roam in it
#7cursedvengancePosted 11/9/2010 1:20:30 PM
there is a new dbz game coming out its on pc and maybe 360 not to sure but you get a choice to be either a marjin a human or a namekian its a level up base system and at a certain point with the human one you can wish to be ssj marjin you can become kid buu and namekians you can go giant dont know much else about it though but seems pretty cool
#8bronze4v4pro(Topic Creator)Posted 11/9/2010 1:38:32 PM
whats it called? I'd prefer to play as goku though or at least interact with goku. Is burst limit any good? I don't even care if you can barely move around, I just want a dbz game with a little free roam in it, even if its just training and messing around by yourself.
#9VegerunksPosted 11/9/2010 1:50:49 PM
they probably won't make another Free roam dbz game for consoles for awhile after the ps2 DBZ sagas failed so epicly. It had hundreds of game ruining bugs in it which is a big problem obviously
#10bronze4v4pro(Topic Creator)Posted 11/9/2010 2:08:37 PM
does this game or burst limit have a "training Mode" or something where you can just mess around by yourself? I want to just practice and mess with moves on my own and not be fighting an a.i. opponent at the same time. I know mortal kombat used to have a mode where you could practice just by yourself.