Zombies glitches.

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6 years ago#1
They really need to fix them, just a few minutes ago i was playing zombies at it was like rd 22 i had 15k points papd raygun and papd hk21 along with jugg/quick revive...so i get hit once and i run about 15 feet to get to the teleporter and i died right next to it...makes absolutely no since because there were no zombz in front of me and i ran away from the ones behind after getting hit once, this is BS if you ask me.

Also, the other day me and a random i met online made it to 42 and it kicked us out and said something like g_spawn error, that pissed me off.
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6 years ago#2
and it wasn't lag because i was host.
MWR FC: 1028-2495-3154
6 years ago#3
tubey play zombies wit grimmy today :D
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6 years ago#4
grim after what just happened im kinda fed up with zombies....going down with only 1 hit is very annoying cuz i know its bs and it the games fault
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6 years ago#5
D: grimmy one sad silly billy now :(
Grimmy :D Wolf Pack site ----> www.wolfpk.tk (blackops & mwr clan) ^-^
6 years ago#6
dude don't you get it even if we made it far it would kick us out and not save our score...
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6 years ago#7
g_spawn error is because there's too much stuff going on and the wii apparently can't process it
I've explained this several times now after it happened to me
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6 years ago#8
^^Dont u think Treyarch would have foresaw that and done something about it before the game came out?
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6 years ago#9
No, its standard procedure to early release games on PC/360/PS3 that haven't been fully tested, if the devs think they can make more money that way, because of the general acceptance of patching.

Wii isn't like that, but this game wasn't designed for Wii. Plus the sub-team working on it isn't capable of fixes in the same way the others are.
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