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User Info: AMDell92

6 years ago#1
Tier 1 Perks:

1. Flak Jacket - IMO, the best perk in the game. Protection from any and all explosions in a game full of noobs? Yes please.

2. Scavenger - More ammo is always a plus. However, you can just pick up a gun off the ground.
2. Hardline - A faster killstreak is always good, but I earn em fast anyway.

4. Lightweight - Only good for objective modes. Move on.

5. Ghost - An absolute waste. Pack a Counter Spy Plane, or better yet a launcher. Waste of a perk.

Tier 2 Perks:

1. Sleight of Hand - Faster reload times outweighs every other benefit in Tier Two IMO.

2. Steady Aim - More accuracy is always good, but ADSing is king unless you're in CQC.

3. Hardened - Penetration (giggity). Being able to shoot through stuff is a good benefit, but it's pretty situational IMO.

4. Warlord - Can be a useful combo for buffing one strength of a weapon, but it makes for very static gameplay by tipping a weapon's balance to one particular area.

5. Scout - If you really need more than 4 seconds to take a shot, you shouldn't be sniping. Move on.

Tier 3 Perks:

1. Hacker - Seeing all enemy equipment increases survivability, which is ALWAYS a plus.

2. Marathon - Better suited for rushing, but not very good unless you have Steady Aim Pro to offset the extra sprinting you'll be doing.

3. Second Chance - Gives you one last chance, but annoying as f***.

4. Tactical Mask - How many Nova Gas nades have you actually seen? Not worth it.

5. Ninja - Absolutely useless for anything but a complete stealth class. Even then, it's virtually useless without Pro.

What are your rankings, and why?

User Info: vital_vertigo

6 years ago#2
ITT: hardened pro has not been unlocked
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User Info: johndoe4_u

6 years ago#3
hmmmm stopping power on this side over here or ummmmm juggernaut over here....hmmmmmm..ohhh what to do what to do.

User Info: StrawberryFthrZ

6 years ago#4
I half wrote a post then realized I really don't even care enough to do this so here's my filler bump post instead i guess
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User Info: nogaems

6 years ago#5
messed up 1st tier

User Info: Xenozoa425

6 years ago#6
Tier 1:

Hardline - Lots of killstreaks = lots of kills.
Ghost - No one can see you unless you shoot w/o silencers, Blackbird, or the naked eye.
Flak Jacket - Most explosives are avoidable; still a great help.
Lightweight - Only for people who constantly move.
Scavenger - There already is infinite ammo in the game, pick a dead guy's gun up and continue.

Tier 2:

Sleight of Hand - Enough said.
Warlord - You can take 2 features of a weapon and combine them, making it better.
Steady Aim - You usually find sprayers, so yeah.
Hardened - How often do you shoot through walls? Exactly.
Scout - Would you like for me to stand still?

Tier 3:

Hacker - Enemy equipment and crates are yours to command.
Marathon - Getting from A to B faster is always good.
Tactical Mask - No one uses Nova Gas.
Ninja - I doubt anyone uses Turtle Beaches on Wii.
Second Chance - You heard me, biggest waste of a perk ever.

User Info: SamOwen1

6 years ago#7
Perk 1:
Scavenger - Sometimes I just run around gassing people and throwing frags. You'd be surprised how many kills that gets.
Flak Jacket

Perk 2:
Sleight of Hand - Saved me many times.
Steady Aim

Perk 3:
Marathon - What can I say? It's fun to run!
Second Chance
Tactical Mask

User Info: SovietSpy44

6 years ago#8
I'm guessing DBC never got the pro version of ghost. >:)
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User Info: jouno4

6 years ago#9
Tier 1:

1) Lightweight - If you see me before I knife you good job! I am on the move a lot and if I see someone as I'm on my merry way I'll run up behind them and knife um'. Lightweight + Marathon and I'll catch ya! Fun stuff. Plus, I'll leap off a building without injury and knife ya too!
2) Ghost - I've ran next to enemy dogs with it on and ran into the enemies camp out without them knowing I was an adversary until I had knifed them all! Nuff said.
3) Hardened - One less kill for killstreaks does help but it's only one less.
4) Flak Jacket - Helps you not die when your stupid enough to be out from cover, or run into a building without scouting it out beforehand. I'll just take cover or look quick before rushing in.
5) Scavenger - Plenty of weapons to pick up, and guns are where the kills are at!

Tier 2:

1) Sleight of Hand - Who could argue that quicker weapon reloads isn't helpful?
2) Warlord - Two weapon attachments, plus and extra lethal and tactical, very nice!
3) Steady Aim - Hip firing is weak, but the faster recovery from knife lunges has potential.
4) Hardened - Being able to kill someone behind cover is useful but not more so than quicker reloads or grip + rapid fire.
5) Scout - Shoot quicker!

Tier 3:

1) Marathon - You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man! Again, I like to move and being able to do so as quickly as possible is nice. In conjunction with Lightweight, Marathon is great.
2) Hacker - Nothing better than booby trapping enemy crates or stealing enemy equipment and then killing them with it!
3) Ninja - Helps to hear your enemy trying to creep up on ya!
4) Tactical Mask - Playin' the stun grenade bandit can be fun!
5) Second Chance - You had to get shot up just to use your perk!
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User Info: Skizam33

6 years ago#10
I like Martyrdom

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