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3 years ago#1
My PS3 took a crap on me and i was stuck with nothing to play til i broke out my wii and found my copy of blackops. It doesnt matter if im using the gun, an old school controller or just a wii mote...this game is alot of fun. Its not all about the K/D ratio which i hated hearing about on PS3/XBOX. I like how i can go online and just have fun.
3 years ago#2
Thank you that some body thinks the game is good.!
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3 years ago#3
this game has always been good. in my opinion WAW is still the best COD (besides Big Red One but I had the Gamecube version so I can't count it since it had no multiplayer) and Blops is right behind.

the Modern Warfare games however are terrible. MW1 is probably the best of the MW games and MW3 would be next because even though it is terrible, it is actually still good enough that I can actually call it a COD game. MW2 is so terrible that I don't even consider it to be part of the COD series at all.
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