how do i get my boxer level and world rank in owc?

#1nova989Posted 3/5/2011 11:01:39 AM
I've played about 15 matches and I still have a - in my world rank. Am I playing in the right lobby or is there a separate owc lobby for ranked matches?

Also, what exactly does your boxer level do?

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#2vegita03Posted 3/5/2011 3:46:53 PM
would like to know as well
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#3ProtoDudePosted 3/5/2011 5:25:59 PM
I'm wondering too. I've only done 5 fights in OWC and am only 1-5, and I think that losses count against your boxer level. After each fight it says either 40 or -40 for boxer level points earned, depending on whether I won or lost. I think it's 40 anyway, my TV is just a standard def 20" flat screen so I can't see the numbers very well.

But that really sucks if you can go down for losing. Pretty much means you need to be good, at least better than .500 to level up.
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