Tips on defeating Isaac Frost, The cheating way! ;-)

#1TheBossMCPosted 4/22/2012 5:11:59 PM
You have to use human tactics to defeat a computer I say.

I'll say this, You can give 2 free cheap shots without getting disqualified. By this I mean either low blow or headbutt.

I'd expect most of you to be able to get up from at least 3 times. 4 is possible, but that's expecting too much.

For round 1-2: Run. don't fight. If he gets too close, jab 3 times and then he'll stab back and run again. If you need to counter, do it. but the main point of these first 2 rounds is to run, not get knocked out AT ALL, and no cheating (You need to save those up)

for round 3-5 Im assuming you can do body punches, so I won't focus too much on that. What I will focus on is surviving the onslaught. Like previously mentioned, you're allowed to get knocked out 3 times.

If you're about to get knocked out, and you can survive it by clinching, backing off or countering, then do it. If you're at that point where you're screwed, instead of being knocked out, low blow Frost. You'll lose a point, but whatever, it's not like you're not already coming from behind anyway. You can recover on points later on and I don't even know if the game even counts the points for the first 8 rounds. Continue fighting and if you're about to get knocked out again, Low blow him once more. So that's 2 knockouts you prevented. that means now you have your 3 "saved" knock outs. This is where you'll need to be hardcore and survive the 3 rounds and completing the 75 body punches. which they don't even have to be strong punches. Do 3, back away, do 3 back away, repeat, counter whatever. you have 3 saved knockouts so just surive it.

for the next two rounds Frost is pretty slow and stupid when it comes to hitting you in the face. so run, like round 1 & 2. I'm assuming you've been knocked out 3 times already and used your 2 low blows, so it's just survivalism.

for the rest, just knock him the hell out. there's check points so it is possible. but i think if you use low blows, you can win. Yep. \m/